Wednesday, March 9, 2016

All the Pregnant Ladies

All the pregnant ladies, all the pregnant put your hands up!  

Then immediately yawn because doing anything physical is exhausting :)

It seems like whenever I am pregnant, there's suddenly so many other pregnant moms too.  I think it's like that phenomenon that happens when you get a new car and all of a sudden, you see it everywhere.  Or when you name your child a unique name, then hear about a million other kids with the same name.   Yeah, it's not really that it's happening more often, but just that I'm more aware of it. 

So, how about a little prayer line for all the pregnant mommas?  Because misery loves company, I mean prayers love intentions ;)  I'll start by listing a few and you can help me out in the com box with anybody else, and I'll update the list as it goes on.

At the top of my current list is Dwija, whose water broke at 32 weeks and is in the hospital trying to keep her baby girl safe and healthy until delivery.  Dweej, if you only knew how many Hail Mary's I'm throwing up for ya!

Ana just announced her baby boy's name.  So cute!

Susan had a surprise pregnancy with Baby #7.  I can soooooo empathize!

Blythe also has surprise #7 on the way.  These sevens are sneaky!

Micaela is adding another member to her entourage (loved her rap music reference in this post).

Katie is already planning matching girl outfits for her bookend daughters, so cute!

Sheena is rocking her pregnancy and still DIY-ing everything.  I could use some of her energy!

Andrea and I are both due in the hot month of August.

Katie who just brought her adopted son home from China is pregnant with her baby girl!

Sharon is due really soon!

Amelia at One Catholic Mama is expecting again!

 Hafsa and I are pregnancy buddies this time around :)

Kelly at Misadventures of Kelly and Kelly are expecting their first boy after four girls!

Ginny at Small Things has a baby goat and a baby on the way!

Amy at PartyofTwelve is going to need to change her name to Party of Thirteen as Baby #11 is due soon!

Kallah is almost due too!

Ok, so who else am I missing?  They don't need to have a blog or Instagram or anything, just give me a name and we can get this pregnant prayer roll going!  

Keep the prayers going for:

Cammie at A Woman's Place

Emily at Mama Holi

Anne, Kelly, and Maria in Brazil.

Cathy and a not-yet-revealed pregnant mama :)

Carly and Denise

Carly and Janette

Julie and her older sister

Meredith and Jessica and Sarah and Kim

Eileen (due with #10) and Kari (due with #9)


Heather - in labor right now (3/10/16)

Mrs. M. and two of her friends

Our Lady of Hope, pray for us!


  1. Dwija Borobia, who blogs at House Unseen, Life Unscripted, is fighting for her baby girl after her water broke at 32 weeks.

  2. Please pray for my friend, Sarah Meléndez and her husband Javi. She is about 20 weeks pregnant and her son Rafael's bladder Is blocked and my emptying as much as it should into amniotic sack. So he is low on fluid surrounding him. Would you please pray for a miracle, that the blockage will clear and his development will continue to be strong and healthy? We are most concerned for his kidneys and lungs. Thank you for your prayers!

  3. K over at Lucky as Sunshine. She is pregnant with baby girl "Lizard." She has had two unexplained still births and a three earlier losses. There is a major plan in place to help her bring "Lizard" home but prayer is definitely a major aspect of that! And Cammie from A Woman's Place has been battling some nasty sicknesses during her pregnancy too!

  4. Reze pelas gravidas do Brasil! Pray for brazilian pregnant. Especialmente por mim, Anne, grávida do #3, depois de ter pego zica vírus. Por minhas amigas Kelly, grávida do #4 e Maria Conceição, grávida do #7.

  5. Please pray for Carly & Denise 💞

  6. For my friend Carly, mama of three, one being a special needs child. She's got her hands full (and heart full!), a new little one on the way (#4), and could use a lot of prayer.

    Also, for my dear friend, Janette, who, after struggling with post partum depression and high anxiety after the birth of her first, finally felt like she was in a good place three years later and with much joy became pregnant with her second baby, but, very sadly, she suffered a miscarriage at 2.5 months just this past weekend.

  7. Me! Due April 10th with number 5.

  8. I would love to be added to the list! After giving up hope of ever being pregnant again, I found out yesterday that I am pregnant. It is still early; I am only 5 weeks. But I have been experiencing morning sickness and fatigue, which I never have with my early miscarriages. I am excited and nervous. I always told God that I would happily be a 40-year-old pregnant lady, and He seems to have answered that plea because my 40th birthday is less than a month away. I appreciate the prayers!

  9. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you!!!

    Andrea @

  10. Okay if you don't mind my older sister with #8 is due in June
    My younger sister, Meredith due is September with #4
    My sister in law, Jessica with baby boy after placing in the lap of Mary her first three is due in April.
    My dear sweet friend Sarah is eagerly awaiting baby #2 in April as well after a long struggle with PCOS
    And well me, Julia wouldn't mind a few prayers as we are in transition of moving and finding new midwifed and a new home and new job waiting for #6 to join our family in July.
    Oh one more...Kim is expecting her third girl in May!

    Thank you for this, we mommas need prayers and encouragement!

  11. Oh there's Hafsa at Peace of Christ and Emily at Mama Holi. And Amelia at One Catholic Mama. You're totally right though, I feel like everyone is pregnant. So great to be able to pray for everyone.

    1. Oh my gosh, I follow these ladies and still can't keep track of alllllll the pregnant women right now! Praise God!!

  12. Amelia at One Catholic Mama!

  13. You seriously made my week. From the bottom of my (burning from dinner) heart, thank you so, so much. Praying for you as well sweet lady and all these other pregnant mamas!

  14. Ginny at small things too!

  15. Thanks so much! We need all the prayers we can get! It is also a great chance to add some new blogs to my feed!

  16. I know Amy shared a few mutual friends to pray for on Instagram, so I won't add those again, but pray for an adoptive mom friend, Brittany, who is pregnant with #4 and has a history if miscarriages.

  17. For my friend Heather, who was just admitted early this morning, water broken and all. She's about to give birth for the very first time!!! Yay!

  18. Asking for prayers for my first pregnancy (I'm 20 weeks right now), as well as for two dear friends - one due this Spring and another in the Fall.

    Isn't it encouraging to know that we're not alone and that so many wonderful Catholics are growing new little lives? God is good!


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