Friday, April 8, 2016

7QT: Good Mail, Good Meal, and Good Males

Joining Kelly because it's Friday and I'm a follower of fun linkups :)


Two lovely things came in the mail to me yesterday.  The first was a request for me to be a lovely girl's Confirmation sponsor, and the second was the image of Divine Mercy (that I had written about this week) from a friend.  

I was floored by both!  

Usually the mail is full of bills and junk, and it was so nice to get a handwritten note and a surprise gift.  



I have a secret love for watching documentaries, and I just watched a good one called Meet the Patels.

It's about an Indian (but raised in America) guy looking to find a wife, and he allows his parents to help him in the process.  It was funny, moving, sad, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I like the Romantic Comedy genre in theory, but it's hard for me to find romantic comedies I actually enjoy, yet this one fit the bill.


I made this recipe for Butter Chicken the other night, and the kids devoured it.  My Andrew especially loves when I try a new chicken recipe, boys are so easy to please - just keep their bellies full!

It was really good, try it!  Or not!  I'm not the boss of you!  Or am I? 


Here's a story about generosity and perfect timing.  

Last week, my Mum called and said she had a friend who was giving away her practically brand new washing machine because it was too big for her.  She called my mom asking if one of her kids needed it, and my mom thought of us because a couple years ago, our brand new washing machine got flooded and died and we were using a super old replacement.  Phil and my Dad went to pick up the new washing machine and installed it, and we love it!  It's so big, without a spinner/agitator/thingie (technical term) in the middle.  It's just a huge barreled top loader, perfect for a big family.  Phil and my dad were planning on moving the old washing machine up to the curb with a FREE sign, but it was too heavy for my dad's back to move.  So it sat in our basement for a day with a FREE sign on it, and lo and behold, our first floor renters had just happened to break their washing machine the same day and needed a new replacement!  What perfect timing!  The end.


Do you know it's been snowing here in New England this week?  In April?  

View from home

View from work

Same snow, different flakes.  And we are expected to get more snow this weekend...crazy!


Don't forget to enter the Scentsy giveaway right here.  But only if you like winning free stuff and a great smelling house, otherwise, don't even think about it.


After work today, I have my 20 week doctor's appointment and then Phil and I get to go on a date to our school's auction - yippee!  A baby update and a date with my baby, life is good :)

Have a sunny, tropical, warm, swimming kind of weekend everybody, I know I won't be!


  1. I will have to watch the movie and try the chicken out. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Snow? No. I don't want to leave Florida!
    I'll check out that romantic comedy. Sounds good.

  3. What? More snow?? I was just starting to breath a sigh of relief about the weather. And my flowers miraculously survived! Wah! Also, we just got a new washer and dryer this week and our washer is a big top loader without an agitator. It's pretty awesome. :)

  4. I will definitely try that chicken! We have a washer that sounds similar. Read the loading instructions. I have definitely noticed a difference in how clean the clothes are when I take the time to load them "properly" vs dumping the laundry basket in. We love our top loader!

  5. I like scentsy and had one but the kids kept getting into the wax and eating it. So until they learn to not to eat non-edibles I'm out of luck.

  6. Our washer and dryer are 18 years old?! What? How can I be old enough to have an almost 20 year old washer/dryer that I purchased for myself?????? Enjoy your new washer and your date night!!

  7. What? More snow this weekend? I quit.

  8. I added the movie to my watch list. :) I've been wondering for a long time now if I should try a butter chicken recipe. Everyone raves about it. You crack me up with your silly sense of humor. Just the way I like it. :)

  9. I tried chicken tortilla soup from Food Network. Kept it simple and didn't fiddle with pouring the soup over the chicken - just pulled it and put it in. Added cumin like other commenters recommended and served with tortilla chips. #winning


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