Friday, May 13, 2016

7QT from a Sunny Week in May

It's FriYAY!  Linking up with Kelly to bring you Seven Quick Takes from the week:


We have a baby name.  Sorta.  We have a first name and a changeable middle name.  I have not felt very connected to this baby (that's sad to admit) and thought finding out his gender would help, but it didn't, so I was desperately trying to figure out his name to bond.  And it worked!  Now I rub my belly and say his name and it just feels right.  I feel like I did not choose his name, but it was revealed to me, even though that sounds sort of biblical. It definitely is not a name that was on my not Irish...and is very common.  And you'll know it in about 14 more weeks :)


Alexander's preschool class has been learning about chickens and eggs and are counting down the days until their eggs hatch .  Some quotes from him:

"Mom, in seven more days the baby chicks are gonna hatch and I'm gonna be a FARMER!"

"Mom, are babies cute when they're born?"  (Me: "Yes!")  "Well, baby chicks are NOT cute when they're born.  They are wet and sticky.  But then they dry out in the sun and they are cute."

"Mom, did you know that baby chicks are EXHAUSTED after they are born because of all that pecking."


We've started an Exercise Incentive Program in the Martin house for the kids.  Basically Phil and I were sick and tired of the three older boys wanting to run 5k races but then never wanting to train for them.  So we said that they could track their miles, and every time they hit 20 miles, we would take them out for ice cream.  Of course, Maggie and Xander wanted in on this deal too, but since they aren't runners (yet? ever?) they get to use Irish step dance, walking, soccer, and swimming lessons to count towards their total.  Xander has the hardest time getting to twenty miles, so we started letting him earn a mile for each good day at school.  Now he comes home from school and says "I lost a mile today."  That boy.


Speaking of running, it's the last week of track practice and the boys have their big Catholic Schools Track Meet on Sunday.  They are each running in a couple events, and I'm hoping their ice cream training will pay off.


Maggie is one of the children in The Sound of Music skit in her school's musical.  I searched high and low for a sailor-style dress for her to wear, and they were either too expensive or these sexy mini-dresses from Japan and China.

I guess Sexy Sailor is a thing over there?  I ordered her this one in a Woman's small and the mini skirt is knee-length on her, but the top is low cut.  Nothing a tanktop can't fix!  As my coworker said, who's been following along on my plight for the perfect costume, now that Maggie will be wearing it, you should probably stop calling it a Sexy Sailor dress.  Riiiiight.


And speaking of Maggie, look who got to crown Mary at her school's May Procession?

I guess the photo made it to EWTN's facebook page too, pretty cool!


Last but not least, I just want to wish my parents a Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow!!  

Not many couples make it that long, still in love, still healthy, still happy.  Congrats Mum & Dad!

Have a wonderful May weekend full of love, health, and happiness :)


  1. Hello! Virtual high five for keeping the baby name a secret :-) (we find that names are harder for people to object to when they're alerady attached to a baby... mwahahahaha).
    p.s. love your header!

  2. AnonymousMay 13, 2016

    I am shocked Colleen! With all your name rules and then you go and break 'em. Maybe your baby boy will break the mold or be a trendsetter (in a good way) somehow. I'm very excited to find out his name now. Do the kids know or is it a secret from them too?

  3. Happy Anniversary to your parents! We did the names a secret thing too, worked out well but still bonded with baby. I feel you there. Have a great weekend!

  4. Not Irish??????? Can't wait to find out his name!

  5. We also keep baby names a secret! We love asking our kids for input (which we never actually use) all through the pregnancy. It's fun to see how their favorite names evolve. :)

  6. Now I'm dying to know the name!

    We never knew the sex of our first four sons, but had a boy's and a girl's name ready to go and everyone knew what those names were. With our last boy, we knew, so he was named before he was born. I see the wisdom in waiting to reveal the name until after the birth, because every now and then you get the idea from some people that they aren't the biggest fan of your choice.

    Our kids have done it all different ways with our seven grandchildren: finding out the sex and telling everyone, but keeping the name a secret; telling everyone both the sex and the name they've chosen; and not finding out the sex while also keeping the boy's and girl's name choices a secret until the big day. Are you keeping the name a secret from everyone, or just from your curious blog readers?

    By the way, your pregnancy seems to be flying by (it may not seem that way to you, I realize!).

  7. love it! How funny that your name this time around is a bit "outside your box", but when it's perfect, it's perfect. Can't wait to hear how it all goes for you and meet baby boy on this side of the womb....eventually. :)

  8. Way to go for keeping names a secret! We never, ever tell until it's "The baby was born, and his/her name is _____!" At that point, people have no choice but to keep their opinions about it to themselves and just say, "What a beautiful name." I'm sure yours is wonderful.

  9. Baby name....can.not.wait. So fun! ps....I need baby belly photo stat. You're cute, I know you are. ;) MAGGIE! What a beautiful photo and now she's a superstar making it to EWTN. Way to go, Maggie! Xander and the chicks gave me a good laugh this morning. So cute.
    Hope the anniversary celebrating and your weekend was wonderful.


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