Thursday, May 12, 2016

Maternity Swimsuit Shopping

So I'm 25 weeks pregnant and the weather has finally started feeling like Spring, which means it's dreaded swimsuit shopping time.  On the one hand, being pregnant makes me feel more confident in a swimsuit because big baby bump = no need to suck in.  On the other hand, it's not only the belly that grows and stretches while pregnant, so I'm looking for a lot of coverage because I don't think you're ready for this jelly (fish).

When we went to Great Wolf Lodge last month, I was so shocked to see quite a few pregnant mommas wearing bikinis.  That is so not for me and my stretch marks mementos from having birthed six children.

Another bathing suit issue I have while pregnant is one-pieces.  With the extra bathroom runs and the added uncomfortableness of stretching the suit over all the curves, I don't understand wearing a one-piece.  

This one is cute, but impractical methinks.

I did find this suit below that looks like a one-piece but is actually two pieces, which solves the bathroom problem.  I just like a little more coverage on the backside/upper thigh area.  I'm not saying I have cellulite, but I'm not saying I don't.

Sooooo, what's a pregnant girl (with possible cellulite and stretchmarks) to do?

I think the answer is a skirted bottom like this swim skirt:

And on top, lots of options...

A dresskini top that is well cut and flattering.

tankini top with excellent coverage.

Another tankini top with polka-dots, my favorite lately.

This tankini top looks nice and light and flowy for those brutal August summer days.

And of course, being Irish and freckly, and having had a pre-cancerous mole removed recently...there's options for even more sun protection..  Sure, being tan looks nice for a little, but being wrinkly and leathery with skin spots and cancer doesn't quite have the same fashion appeal.  That's where these rash-guards come in handy!

Polka dotted Rash-guard

A slimming (is that possible?) maternity blue rash-guard

And finally an inexpensive option from Old Navy.

Of course, as Phil points out, why do I even need a swimsuit anyway?  It's not like I actually get in the ocean.  Touche Phil, touche.  But the kids get in the ocean and then their wet hands and sandy bodies get all over me, so sometimes I need to rinse off.  Also, I will be 9 months pregnant in August, so I'm thinking this is the summer I may actually want to be in the water with the other whales ;)


  1. Lots of cute options! I think whatever you choose, you will look great!

  2. Was at our subdivision pool yesterday and there was a pregnant mommy in her tiny red bikini. She rocked it, but wow! Talk about using up a ton of sunscreen!! ha ha ha

    1. Are pregnant moms in bikinis even human? So not fair :)

  3. Two pieces, full coverage, not off my stretchy marks either. I have a Lands End swim dress that I absolutely love. Cute and covers want to cover. The only draw back is that it's not practical if you exercise in the water. Doing water aerobics, the dress floats up. Doing laps, the top slides way down. If you're just cooling off and floating around, it's great.

    1. I can barely swim, so the dress sounds perfect for me!

  4. Super cute options! And yes, swimming in pregnancy is Heavenly. All the weight off the joints? It helps with swelling too so I definitely think that you should swim this time around.

  5. Lands End bathing suits - two piece with skirted bottom are awesome. I splurged on an actually maternity one mid-summer last year because The LE one wasn't cutting it with the bebe en tummy. I'm happily back to LE this summer though!

  6. I found Khl's has some maternity suits online that once combined with coupon codes are really cheap!

  7. haha, this post is great! I am loving, and i mean, LOVING all the polka dots. They are my fav too. Thanks for sharing some fun, varied ideas for maternity swimwear. Whales should get to look pretty too. :)

  8. I bought a "Mermaid Maternity Tankini" this past winter and it was the perfect maternity swimsuit. Plenty of coverage! I needed it for a winter trip to the waterparks. Maternity swim gear gets little use from me, but it's necessary for a short while. I've passed it along to a friend expecting this summer so it will get some more use.

  9. I on the other side on this one - pregnancy is the only time I've ever worn a bikini! A mushy stomach in public would be awkward for me, but tight pregnancy stomach is cute! So comfortable and yes, it made bathroom breaks a breeze.


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