Friday, January 20, 2017

7QT: Trump, Runs, and a Giveaway!

Hey y'all it's FRIDAY!!  That was quite the long short week, amiright?  Here we go...


I am seriously so "off the grid" sometimes.  I had to google this morning to see if it was Inauguration Day.  I don't watch the news, I don't read the newspaper or any online news sources, and I'm not on Facebook.  So yeah, today's kind of a big deal for our country!

I'll make fun of his hair, but that's about it.  He needs to prove himself a terrible president before I start protesting him as a president.  I'm not a huge fan of his personally, but I don't know what he'll be like in office.  I really don't like sending a message to the rest of the world that we are a nation divided.


My two middle schoolers completed their Science Fair last week and did amazing.  They both put so much hard work into their projects, wrote their papers, and ran their experiments.  We didn't have to help JP at all on his, and Andrew only needed a little guidance as this was his first one.  

JP made electricity from mud (the science behind it has some long name but you'll have to ask him for specifics!)

Andrew studied the link between being active during the day and sleeping at night.  He had ten test subjects (Theresa was one!  Thanks girl!)  provide their activity tracker data and unfortunately found no correlation.  Too many variables.


My oldest brother turned 50 (!!) on Christmas day and I made him this book:

You see, he always pokes fun at me for taking photos of cakes at family parties, so in the back of my mind I knew I would make him a photo book one day, and what better time than at your 50th birthday?  He loved it and laughed so hard.  #nailedit


Lucy Doodle Martin is getting so big.  She's 5 months and since she's crate trained while we are at work, when Phil gets home at 3, he likes to take her out for a run to get some of her energy out.  Yesterday they ran 5 miles together!  Isn't that so cool?

I always thought it would be awesome to have a well-trained dog to run with.  We're still working on the well-trained part ;)  I remember when I was a kid, I used to make my little cairn terrier pull me around on my rollerblades to "poop city", which is what we called the area of our neighborhood where he would always poop.  Poor Scottie, RIP.


By the time Phil got home from his doggy run and I got home from picking up all the kids, I changed to go on a run myself and was a little frustrated that it was already 4:15 and would be dark soon.  I mumbled something obnoxious about how I hoped I wouldn't get murdered and so during my run Phil sent me this text:

That guy in the gif was like dying from a slow run.  Which made me laugh and feel silly.


Since Christmas, Declan has had three episodes where he's been running around hard (twice outside and once inside) and started wheezing and having trouble breathing.  It's so scary, and we took him to the doctor who said they can't really run tests for asthma on him until he's five (he's only 2) but prescribed us an inhaler to use if he needs it in the mean time.  Phil had childhood asthma that he outgrew so I hope Declan will follow suit.  It's gonna be hard to slow him down because running around outside is literally his favorite thing to do :(


Now for a GIVEAWAY!!

I first was introduced to this author when my parish did a Women of Grace group and invited Johnette Benkovic to come speak.  I really like this book of hers because there are short daily meditations that can start your day off on the right foot, or end your day on the right hand (?).  This is tomorrow's little gem:

I will be His who first chose me for Himself.
~St. Agnes at her martyrdom

God has chosen me for Himself, just as he chose St. Agnes.  Am I willing to choose Him first in all things?What one choice is He asking me to make today?  What is my response?

 Anyways, if you'd like to win a copy from Sophia Institute Press, just leave a comment below and I'll pick a winner in the next Seven Quick Takes.


  1. I've wondered about the being more active and sleep connection. I feel like I sleep heavier on my busy dance days but have a have a harder time sleeping on theater days. Perhaps the type of activity matters?

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Hope the inhaler helps Declan ~ and yes please for the devotional.

  3. That looks like a wonderful book to have. Count me in! And I love the Shutterfly book. I need to do one for my daughter. :)

  4. Leaving a comment because I hope to win!! Need a good read! Winter is long in Minnesota. Thanking the Lord everyday for Trumps win. Hillary would have been a nightmare. She is evil.

  5. Electricity from mud?!?! My kids would think that was pretty cool.

    I've heard Johnnette speak online before, but I haven't read anything of hers. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! :)

  6. The book is on my Amazon wish list. :)

  7. That gif made me laugh! Can't wait until it's not so dark so early in the day!

  8. Oh, I would LOVE this book. I keep looking at it on Amazon... lol.

  9. Thanks for the blog love! I knew my data would screw things up, since I was mindlessly following a training plan :) I miss running with a dog! They don't last very long these days though, lol

  10. Inhaler for a 2 year old? My kids don't start with the inhalers until they are about 6 or 7. It's too complex of a system (exhale, inhale, hold breath, exhale) for younger kids to do well. If you don't think it's being effective, perhaps a nebulizer with a mask would work. That has been huge for my reacitve airway/asthma kids. For the most part, my kids have all outgrown their asthma except when they get sick. Then it kind of rears its ugly head and we treat it until the sickness passes. And you're right....ain't nothing going to slow down a 2 year old boy! ;-)

    1. It's an inhaler with a spacer. He's used it in the past when he's gotten really bad coughs.

  11. People are protesting Trump because he has explicitly vowed to take away the rights of many people, bragged about sexual assault, and mocked a disabled reporter. He promoted the head of a fake news organization to be head of his White House staff, and is calling every single journalist a liar. Anyone who is familiar with history knows these are terrifying developments. That is why people protest - not because of simple political disagreements, but because they are afraid.

  12. Oooh, I'd love a new meditation book to help me out with my Lenten season this year.

  13. Been thinking about something to motivate me with the daily prayer

  14. I need daily reminders. So easy to forget to be grateful and lose your inner peace.

  15. Looks like a good book! Trying to put together my booklist for the year, and looking for something to guide daily prayer.

  16. Hope Declan feels better soon. He needs to keep up with those big brothers and sister.


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