Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tidbit Tuesday, February Edition

How is it February already?  This winter is flying by, thank God, but I do love February!!  It's a short but fun month with Superbowl Sunday, Valentine's Day, my birthday, my firstborn's birthday, February vacation week, and this year Lent doesn't even start until March!

Last week we had First Friday Adoration in our school's chapel plus throat blessings for the feast of St. Blaise, and their was actually a line of kids waiting to get in the chapel.

It may have something to do with missing class, but I'll accept it :)


On the same note, it was Catholic School's Week and my kids had lots of fun events and dress-down days.  On Monday they celebrated 100 days of school and had to dress like they were 100:

JP was an old guy who watches tv in a nursing home, Maggie had glasses and a bun, and the rest were well-dressed gents.  Eamon cracks me up with his suspender pose...what a ham.


John-Paul got accepted into high school!  I took a video of him opening his letter, it was so cute.  He acted like he didn't think he would be accepted...ummm both your parents work there and you're a great kid!  He totally surprised us all by placing in the top ten on the entrance exam and earning a scholarship that will help pay for his books and uniforms.  He's also getting a new phone from us because we told him we would replace his broken one if he placed in the top ten...never thinking he would actually do it!  Parents of the year right here ;)


We also registered Declan for preschool next year, so my oldest will be leaving our catholic elementary school, but a new Martin will be starting.  They just can't seem to shake us.  Once JP is in high school, we will have at least one high schooler from 2017-2035 (if I did my math right).  How crazy does that sound?


Alexander is Student of the Week in Kindergarten, and got to take home the class pet (George, the stuffed monkey) for a week.  George has been having lots of fun:

He helped us pick out a new pet fish...

....and he watched the Superbowl with us in his Patriots shirt!  Big fan, that George.

That's it from this neck of the woods, don't forget to enter the Magic Sleepsuit giveaway!!


  1. Congrats to JP!!! That's awesome - even if it is going to cost you a new phone!

  2. Congrats to JP! I bet he's excited about the new phone too! And the scholarship is awesome! Have your parents moved in yet? Hopefully no more mice have showed up. And hoping your cat doesn't eat the newest family member. 😆 What did you name the fish?


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