Friday, February 10, 2017

7QT: Snow, Lego, Reno and Jojo

It's Friday but it feels like Sunday because....


It snowed a bunch yesterday!  School was cancelled yesterday AND today so it's a four day weekend :)

Lucy is 6 months old today!  Woof!


Since playing in the snow doesn't last too long, I need to find something indoors for these kids to do.  I'm thinking the Lego Batman movie?  

Have you seen it?  Is it everything I hope it will be?


Every day Declan asks for his "bite-a-min and ball":

I don't know why but it brings me such joy to give them each a gummy bear vitamin holding a probiotic "ball".  Isn't it cute?


Phil and I were trying to plan a romantic Valentine's date and then, due in part to all the snow and cancellations, we now have three basketball games scheduled for Valentine's Day evening.  I mean, come on!  Watching my kids play basketball is one of my favorite activities, but on Valentine's Day I would rather be eating dinner somewhere fancy without seeing their sweet little faces.   We are thinking of ordering our favorite boneless chicken wings after the kids go to bed and getting to know each other better.  With a questionnaire... geesh, this is a family-friendly blog ;)


We have a small room off of our family room that we have always used as a toy room.  

I feel like it's a waste of space now because even though we still have little kids, they barely are home playing with toys (which is sad but true) and we have a piece of furniture that I think can hold all of our favorite toys.  So if I can move the kids' bookshelf upstairs to the little boys room and put the piece of furniture with toys in this little room, what else could we do with this space?  I was thinking either office/homework space or a little den with a small couch, another tv and the kids games.  Any advice?


I'm reading this book (I got it for a penny!) about getting in shape, and so far it's pretty good advice, nothing new but sometimes you just need a motivating reminder to do what you already know.  You know?  Her ease into it approach has me hooked, as do her cheat meals.  I also recently finished Chip & Jojo's book and it was good, also motivating in a sense of chasing your dreams and putting family first.  It kinda makes me want to go open a family business.


My kids and I are kind of obsessed with this video from the Patriots parade in Boston this week.  Even if you hate them (cuz you ain't them) you will like this video :)

Have a great snow-blowing, shoveling, snowman-building weekend everybody!


  1. You should totally open up that ice cream shop on the Cape!! You have lots of free and available labor in the summer and when it closes over the winter you guys can go back to your regular jobs and schedules! See - I've got it ALLLLLLLLLLLL figured out for you!

  2. Did you see there's even more snow coming on Monday?? 😱

  3. And it was almost 90 here yesterday! (And I add, a little too warm, a little too early.) My 5 year old has no clue what "winter" really means. Ha ha! Enjoy the snow!

  4. I'm snow jealous. We haven't had anything more than a few flakes this year.


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