Sunday, April 2, 2017

My Sweetest Ever Baby Turns Three

Well today my baby, Declan Kolbe, turned three.  Wait a minute, Colleen, don't you have an actual baby?  Yes I do, but he's Phil's baby ;)  Once they are toddling around, they are my favorite age and I can't get enough until they turn 5.  Wink again.  Sorta.  

So back to the birthday boy, the little surprise baby whom I was fairly certain was a Felicity Grace but arrived ten days late and with a different gender than I thought I wanted but never knew how much I needed.

Oh Declan, you sweet thing, I would have waited an eternity for you.  

After Mass, we celebrated with some birthday donuts, and I asked him his age...


That's better.

We are all enamored with him, he's just such a happy, polite, sweet as cake little boy.  I don't think any of my children have been cut quite like him.  Maggie came down wearing a dress for Mass this morning and he exclaimed, breathless, "Maggie, you're a princess!", then he proceeded to bow to her.

I mean, sigh.

When we talked about his birthday, he only told me he wanted chocolate cake, "anyfing" to eat, and a blue present with a toy inside.  Well ok then.

Blue present...check.

Toy inside...check.

Happy Declan...check.

This remote control car got great reviews, and I can see why!  Easy enough for a toddler to use, and sturdy.  You can use it inside the wheel or take the car out too.

Most of the day consisted of a birthday nap (this kid takes 3 hour naps like a boss) and then some fun at the playground in sunny weather.  My parents and my goddaughter came over to celebrate the birthday boy with a dinner of pasta and meatballs (spaghetti makes him choke) and he opened some more presents.

Can you even?  

No you can only odd, because he's 3.

I'll be here all night.

He loves Mickey Mouse, which both his Gammy and his babysitter know.  So Mickey doll and book it was!

Then he took a poop break.  Always at dinner.  Always in his diaper.  Ok, so he's not perfect ;)

The Brendan (as Declan calls him) poses with Grandpa during the intermission.  

Back to presents!  

He's been talking about a helicopter since Christmas, and I found out from his babysitter he meant this one, but I had already gotten him this one and he loves it.  No batteries, just a simple green toy.

Time for the cake...

Xander leaned over to me and said "Are we partying?"  We sure are!

Looking sweet and shy while we sing to him.

Chocolate cake...check.  

And one final gift, the Darkwing Duck DVD.  He has been a little obsessed with the Ducktales DVD we got out from the library, so we bought him this one, but he's not quite into it yet.

Why would he want to stop and watch TV when there's so many fun people to play with?  Right, the Brendan?  Right!

The Brendan sits where he wants.

And that concludes a fun-filled, simple, family birthday party for my favorite three year old.  We love you so much Declan and can't wait to share all your birthdays with you!  You'll always be my baby :)


  1. So cute- Happy Birthday, Declan!
    Also, I adore those green toys b/c the packaging doesn't come with a million little ties and the need for 10 minutes of scissoring the toy out of the box!👍

  2. What a sweet boy! Happy birthday, Declan! I've been remembering lately how you love toddlers because Gus is at such a fun, adorable age. It makes it easier to deal with the tantrums and potty training!

  3. Oh gosh, he's three. This makes me sad because my 10-day-late 2014 baby is going to be three too! How is that possible. Declan is the sweetest and so very handsome. I love his simple requests! Happy birthday him!

  4. Sweet and funny post!! :)))


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