Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When it Rains, it Pours

It's been a rainy week, both literally and figuratively.  I don't want to be a Debbie Downer, but there's been a lot of little things that have added up into big things that have made these past few days very Lenten.  

Have I told you all about the accident that Phil got into?  He's ok, the other driver is ok, and Brendan (the only passenger) is ok.  Thanks be to God for that!  Anyway, long story short, Phil made a (legal) U-Turn in the street, but because his van is so big, he ended up needing to make a 3 Point Turn (illegal?) to get himself all the way turned around.  A car that was totally far enough away when he started this process ended up crashing into him.  The driver was obviously not paying attention (phone?) and got out of the car, all shaken up and extremely apologetic.  They exchanged info and went home.  Later that night a police officer called Phil because the other driver had gone to the hospital to be checked out upon the urging of his wife.  He was fine, but this opened a police case.  Blah blah blah lots of talking to insurance companies and paperwork and $1500 worth of work later and Phil's van is fixed.  We are still waiting to hear which driver is charged with being at fault so that we can possibly get our deductible back.

Andrew needs braces.  We knew he did for a while, even though they tried a palate expander first and then a retainer, braces are the only fix.  At our school's auction last year, one of the items to bid on was braces by the same orthodontist that we use for JP's braces.  We didn't bid on it (though it would have ended up saving us thousands) because it stated the braces had to be put on the patient by the end of the year, and at that moment we weren't sure if Andrew was going to need them.  Once we found out he did need them, we thought we would just buy the same braces item at this year's auction.  Boom. Aren't we clever and thrifty?   Unboom.  Because we found out they only donate that item every.other.year and we can't wait another year to correct his teeth.  It's like they purposely donated in the off years that a Martin child will need braces. Kidding.  $5700 is the price of braces, in case you want to start a tooth fund for your children.

Our house started feeling colder than usual (65 degrees for life!) and we realized we weren't getting heat in one of our zones, which is the whole-downstairs-of-our-house zone.  We called out a super nice heating guy to fix it, and he found the (rare) problem and fixed it up to the tune of $225.  While he was working, he ended up getting sprayed with boiling hot water (180 degrees) and getting burned on his inner wrist.  Ouch!

I took some of the kids to the dentist on Saturday and found out I need a crown, a gum graft, and JP needs a filling replaced.  We literally walked in the door and started eating lunch when Phil either lost a filling or chipped a tooth.  What are the odds?

On that same day, I found out that our beloved babysitter (and one of my best friends) is going to go back to school in the Fall to get her Master's degree.  Yay for her but so, so sad for us.  Now we need to find a new daycare situation for Baby Brendan.  Declan will be going to preschool in the fall, so he's all set.  I know it will work out, it always does, but we will sure miss Michelle's TLC.

If I could get a babysitter who cleans...

Last but not least, I am asking you all to pray for two intentions.  A member of Phil's family and his wife are recently separated and the wife is storming heaven for a reconciliation for them (they have five children).  My Uncle Tom also needs prayers as he is dying and for his family to be at peace.

This is real life, people.  I'm usually very optimistic and can see the bigger picture, but sometimes it gets cloudy.  Rainbows only come after the rain, right?  I'm gonna need some major rainbows, God, ya hear me?  YA HEAR ME?

I'm remembering to count my blessings...we are still happily married, our kids are healthy and thriving, we have a house and jobs to pay for these things that come up, and a God who brings good from all things.  Looking forward for this Lenten season to end.  


  1. Geez, they say bad news comes in threes, but I think you're over the limit!
    As for the braces, it probably depends on the extent of what is needed for Andrew, but maybe shop around to other orthodontists? Our first quote was a very high amount (around $5000) and the second was about $3200.
    I'll be praying for all of your intentions. Hang in there.

  2. That is a lot! Winning the lottery would be awesome right about now! Hang in there sister friend, Easter is just around the bend.

  3. I have often found comfort in the saying "if you can solve a problem with money, it isn't a real problem." God will move mountains. We just had our school auction with an orthodontis item, good to know that it's worth the bid in years to come! I will definitely be praying for your family, your uncle Tom and Phil's family.

  4. Hang in there Mama. I love reading your blog because I'm a working Catholic mama whose heart is at home. My spouse was badly hurt in an accident last year and boy is life different. Supportive friends tend to feel sorry for us but we're careful not to feel sorry for ourselves. You're exactly right, its always something. Of course your dryer is broken and your mother in law is upset with you and you got to work to learn your presentation is today and you have spit up on your shirt. Here's is what is amazing. When we reveal our needs to each other, we allow others to serve us. I think its how we, as the body of Christ's church, minister to one another. It's super humbling. I have always been the "helper" and its hard to be the "help-ee" Ask for help anyway, it pleases God. I don't know how this fits your specific situation but try to do something humbling like drafting a letter to orthodontist identifying yourselves as members of an organization he supports with a beautiful large family and ask if he might consider giving you a lower rate. P.S. If you have a college of dentistry nearby they often will perform procedures at a much lower cost if you or Phil need work done. Might be worth checking out.

  5. Ah, that's a lot! Stuff always all happens all at once, doesn't it? We are in crazy intense mode over here, too. All of the sudden SO MANY THINGS happening. I'll pray for your intentions <3

  6. Ah, isn't it funny how life works sometimes. Or maybe I should say God. Trust him with all your heart! I will surely pray for your intentions. I have a similar one to Phil's.

  7. Oh goodness! I'm so sorry you've had a bad week. But, I also wanted to chime in about the braces. My daughter was in orthodontics for 3 years. She was one of the case 3 scenarios, which is the most involved and most expensive. Anyhow, she ended up going to a local college orthodontic school and it cost so much less than going anywhere else. I want to say the we paid under $3000 for all her orthodontic work (and we paid per month spread over the first two years). The "students" were actually already dentists going to college to become orthodontists and they were supervised by the actual instructors who are orthodontists themselves. It's a very popular place in our area!

  8. I just read Bridget's comment and can second the idea of going to a university dental school for orthodontics. Two of my children have orthodontia from a college of dentistry and it is saving us thousands compared to what we were quoted. We even are willing and able to drive an hour there and back every six weeks. It is well worth it! Prayers to you and your family.


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