Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Back to School, Back to Reality

It's the most wonderful time of the year...for parents...maybe not so much for teachers.

My Fab 5 started school today!  Declan will start preschool next week, and we might just have to redo the school photos to include him.  Sorry not sorry in advance.

Alexander started FIRST grade, which makes him a big kid now!  He is very excited to see his friends, and his friends are always the class clowns.  It takes one to know one, and he is definitely a class clown wannabe.  Every year he seems to settle down a bit more, so I'm hoping his awesome teacher will keep him in line.

Maggie Moo is heading into FOURTH grade, but really she could probably pull off 6th grade.  She's a great little student, gets all her work done right away, and probably errs on the side of a know-it-all if she's not careful about practicing patience and humility.  She is excited to hang out with all the girls after a testosterone filled summer. 

Eamon starts FIFTH grade, and if sports stats were a class he would get an A+.  The kid loves all sports all the time.  We agreed to let him play flag football this year and he's super stoked.  In school, he's a quiet boy who works hard and can be a little perfectionist about his assignments.  He's turning into a bookworm and I love it.

Andrew is in SEVENTH grade and is already making plans to run for the 8th grade class President at the end of this year.  This kid has determination and drive and has always been able to see the big picture.  He still does not enjoy reading or writing but is concerned with keeping up his grades alongside his sports, so that's good.  He still doesn't have any interest in girls as far as I can tell.

JP is in NINTH grade at the high school where Phil and I work.  I made sure to embarrass him today  just enough to let him know I care ;)  He is looking quite manly compared to the other boys in his family, loves hanging out with his friends (mostly girls) and is playing JV Soccer this year.  He finished up his summer job at the ice cream store and is now refereeing soccer games on Sundays.  His very first class of his high school career was taught by his dad!  Normally, Phil won't teach his kids if he can opt out somehow, but today he had to fill in for JP's theology teacher, who was leading the senior retreat.  JP was sitting in the front of the class until he saw Phil walk in to teach, and moved straight to the back!   

And that's a wrap!  This morning I said, as I do every morning, "I love you, be good, and make good choices!"  This is going to be a great year, I can just feel it :)


  1. Oh JP. I would have moved to the back too! I love that he is going to the school you work at. Makes transportation fairly straight forward I'd imagine. I am glad the rest of the pack is off and running. I can't wait to see Declan's first day and a first week recap from the others. ;)

  2. They all look so cute in their uniforms!!!


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