Thursday, August 24, 2017

Back to School Shopping

Back to School Shopping has always given me a funny feeling in my stomach.  When I was a kid, it was a mixture of excitement and nerves for school to start.  Would I look cool?  Would I make new friends?  Would anyone notice my new hair style?  Now that I'm the mom, I still get that feeling in my stomach but it's more about making sure everyone has what they need, everybody feels ready, and I spread out the shopping enough so that it doesn't all hit the same credit card bill!

Before I focus on school, there are always great end-of-summer swim deals going on at Land's End (the best place to buy such items, in my humble opinion).

This swimsuit top is only $16.99!!!

This swim skirt is only $18.99 in pink or teal!!!

I bought this same swimsuit combo (different colors) at the beginning of this summer and it cost me over $80!!  I was desperate, but don't be me back in May...get the better price now!

Maggie will be wearing this swim shirt (only $10.99) and swim shorts (only $12.99) next year!

In May, I bought her a similar pair and it cost me over $40!  She insisted on a shirt and shorts, and it really works for her athletic build and gives her confidence in a swimsuit!

I didn't need any boys' suits - but there are huge sales going on over there.  Even the cute swim shoes are on sale for those rocky beaches.  

OK, summer's over!  School's here!  

We are so lucky that our kids wear uniforms and we don't do the whole clothes-shopping thing like the rest of the public school world.  Every year, I measure the kids feet and start searching for deals online.  First up is uniform shoes, and we've gone with these Deer Stag shoes for the boys over the years, they like them and they can double as shoes for Mass:

I got Maggie these maryjane shoes to wear to school, they are called "Margaret" so I couldn't not!  I'll be sad when she doesn't wear shoes like this anymore :(

JP will be wearing Sperry's with his uniform, and they are expensive!  There's a little sale going on over here.

Andrew, Eamon, and Maggie needed basketball shoes, Andrew needed soccer cleats, and everyone needed new sneakers.  We went with these:

That's a lot of feet!  Brendan will be wearing slippers for a while longer, thank goodness!

We needed some new uniform pants, which are usually on sale, and that was about it.  Oh!  We needed a few lunch boxes and two backpacks as well.  We also had lists and lists and lists of school supplies to buy - God Bless Catholic Schools (because our taxes sure don't!)  And now I think we're ready to start...5 more days!

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