Friday, September 8, 2017

7QT: Whole Family, Whole30, Wholey Good Deals

Linking up with Kelly and the Kool Kids because it's Friday morning y'all!


  I got up early to walk the dog and blog and even though I'll crash and burn by 8 pm, I can't take these warm mornings for granted!  I have severe FOMO on great weather days or when I see somebody running.  Even if I've already done my this normal?


We were able to celebrate with my side of the family on Saturday.  We try to get together for Labor Day Weekend and celebrate the August/September birthdays (there's a lot), then for Halloween to celebrate October/November birthdays (Again, a lot), then Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter (spring birthdays), and July 4 (summer birthdays).  The winter birthdays kind of get lost in the shuffle, but there aren't too many of them.  The birthday kids get ONE present from their godparents and that's it.  Easy peasy doesn't break the bank squeezy.  One of my sisters couldn't make it, but here's the rest of the familia:


Phil and I are doing the Whole30.  He's gonna kill me for typing that here publicly because he doesn't want to publicly fail, but I have faith in us!  We can do hard things - that's my mantra for these 30 days, based off the scripture quote "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."  I made a binder full of meal plans, grocery lists, and recipes which we are loosely following.  You can get the official cookbook here. We are one week in (started on Sept. 1) and I wouldn't say we feel amazing, because we've been hangry and tired but I can tell there are good things happening to this old body of mine.  

I'm excited to continue!


To help me stay accountable, and also so that I don't fill my regular Instagram feed with all #whole30 things, I have created a new account @colleengetsleen.  It's been a great way to stay motivated and live in the moment.  Hit me up with your tips and tricks for making it through another 22 days :)


Today is Our Lady's birthday, and my mom baked rocky road brownies for the kids tonight.  Xander was excitedly telling us about Mary's birthday and the brownies at dinner last night, and Eamon said "Mary, who?" and Xander replied "MARY, Mary".  Duh.  There's no other :)


I model in my spare time ;)

In shopping news:  Do you guys know about Loft's skinny jeans?  I just got two pairs and I love them (they are buy one get one 50% right now).  These tops would be so cute with them, especially at 50% off!  

My mom introduced me to Fiestaware, and now I want all the colors!  We've never in our 15 years of marriage bought an everyday plate set.  We registered for china but I really wish we hadn't because ask me how many times we've eaten on it.  Once.  We have mismatched-everything-else for daily use, and now that some of the kids are able to hold a plate without dropping it, I think it's time. This will be fun to slowly add to my cupboards through the years.


The Patriots last night.  Ugh.  So much for a "perfect season".

But we will see who's celebrating in February, I've got faith in Tommy and the boys for SIX Superbowl wins!!

Have a great soccer playing, healthy eating, outdoorsy weekend everybody!


  1. I love fiestaware also! Makes every meal look and taste better if you ask me :).

  2. I love my fiestaware! I'm the inverse of you; registered for my everyday wear dishes but no china. But not that we have a bigger house and a dining room with a built in china cabinet no less, I really want some china to put in it!

  3. He looks just a tad mad.


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