Monday, September 11, 2017

Dude Perfect was Perfection

Right around this time last year, Andrew and Eamon heard about Dude Perfect and immediately became obsessed.  

They asked for tshirts for their birthday and Dude Perfect toys for Christmas.  They watched every single Dude Perfect video on youtube during their precious screen time.  They read everything they could about them, and were very impressed that they seemed like nice, funny, Christian family guys.  So were we.  The boys started making up trick shots of their own and getting ideas together to make their own videos (like every other boy in love with Dude Perfect, I'm sure!) and Dude Perfect has just been so entrenched in our lives.  They can't wait for new videos to come out like we used to struggle to wait a week between Full House episodes.  Andrew even wrote them a fan letter this summer...only to have it returned because of a bad address :(

What's your point, Colleen?

Oh yeah, so I saw on Dude Perfect's Instagram account that they were going to be in Rhode Island.  They are from Texas, so this was already an incredible thing.  I looked into it and they were coming to the Hasbro Toy Convention (HASCON) in RI to demonstrate their new Nerf Bows and have a meet and greet with fans.  The tickets to HASCON were $30 for kids and $60 for adults.  We decided Phil would take them for their upcoming Sept/Oct birthdays.  Then I found a Groupon that allowed me to buy the tickets for almost half price!  Yay!  These tickets would allow for entrance to watch Dude Perfect on stage and then grab a photo with them.

Because our boys are such huge fans, we discussed getting the VIP ticket for them which would have let them have a Meet and Greet session with Dude Perfect, but by the time we had decided it was worth the money, they were sold out.  I felt bad thinking I had made them miss an opportunity to meet the dudes.  But, Saturday came, and Phil headed to HASCON in RI after we surprised the boys that morning with news that they were getting an early birthday present of seeing Dude Perfect.  They didn't believe us!  HASCON is full of all sorts of toys and games and they tried out quite a few activities:

Then it was time to head to the big stage to see their heroes:

They got there early and could see Dude Perfect sitting off to the side...

Phil told Andrew to call them over so he could give them his newly rewritten fan letter, but Andrew was too shy to do it.  He did however catch Garrett's eye:

And got a wave as he was going on stage :)

They went on stage and got interviewed and answered questions from the audience.

Andrew asked if Coby really did poop his pants in the hamburger challenge video, seen below:

  Answer: YUP!  And it was the worst day of his life, he said.

Those new Nerf Bows are gonna be a huge item on my boys' birthday and Christmas lists!

They took a selfie of themselves on stage with the audience behind.

The Dudes ran through the audience at the end and high-fived people, and that was when Andrew got to hand over the letter!  Mission completed!  Off they happily marched to see more of the convention:

Phil made them pose with My Little Pony for me :)

This toilet game is a little too reminiscent of all my 1st trimesters :(

And then it was time to get a photo with the group!  Cody was missing because he had to stay home to take the ACT as part of a bet he lost.

They were so happy!  And I was so happy for them!  After watching them from afar for so long, having a rare opportunity to meet them, getting a fan letter returned but then hand delivered, and having a photo to cherish...they had the best day ever.  God is so good that they could get this close to them without the VIP passes we were going to sell our kidneys to buy ;)  Andrew gave me the biggest hug and kiss that night when he said thank you, and that's a rarity from my almost teenager!  Thank you Dude Perfect for being such fun and great role models for my kids, we all love you!


  1. What an awesome birthday gift! And I especially love that you were able to use a Groupon!!

  2. Goodness, I didn't realize they had gone national! And where have I been that I haven't yet introduced Dude Perfect to my 12 year old grandson!! I need to get on that, stat.

  3. My family watched it for the first time today. My husband and 3 boys loved it!!! Thank you!


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