Friday, January 19, 2018

7QT: If I Had A Million Dollars

What would YOU buy if you suddenly had a million bucks that you HAD to spend in ONE year (because honestly my first inclination would be to invest it)?  Here's what I would currently spend it on:


Just something simple ;)

A new house, which would probably eat up $700,000 easy since we live in the expensive Northeast and need room for our family of nine plus I'd want an in-law suite for my parents.  I would get a house with 6 bedrooms (Master, two older boys, two middle boys, two little boys, Maggie, and a spare) and 3.5 bathrooms (a Master bath, a boys bathroom, a girl's bathroom, and a downstairs half bath).  I'd want a nice sized yard but not too big because Phil and I aren't the greatest at yardwork.  $700,000 may not even cut it.


I'd definitely want a housekeeper for that new house, which would cost $100/week or $5200/year.  I desire a housekeeper like a dog desires a bone.  Phil says I would just clean in anticipation of her arrival, but so what?  A cleaning deadline and then someone to deep clean all the things I never get to sounds perfect.


I'd buy Phil a Nissan NV.  My friend, Kate, has one and it's beautiful.  They are running about $40,000 right now, and I think the Pearl White exterior with Beige leather seats for 12 sounds amazing!  I already drive my dream car, the Honda Odyssey, but would upgrade to the 2018 Elite with the Forest Mist exterior that costs $46,770.  I would also buy a car for JP because he's turning 15 in February and will be driving before I know it.  I think a small and safe SUV for him, maybe a Subaru Forester that runs around $38,000.


I would put braces on Eamon and Maggie.  Normally we wait until they are in 6th grade, but since I know all my kids will need them, I would just go ahead and do it now.  Braces are $5500 each, so there's $11,000 gone.


I should have led with this one, but I would tithe 10% off the top.  That $100,000 would go to the two Catholic schools where we send our kids, so they can give out more scholarships and financial aid to increase enrollment and continue to thrive.


The remaining $59,030 would honestly just go to tuition and daycare for the year, since as new millionaires, we would not been in need of the financial aid we receive now, and would have to pay full price for 6 kids in school and one in daycare.  Buhbye to that dough!


As fun as it would be to spend all that money and upgrade our lifestyle, we wouldn't be able to keep up with it.  Plus, mo' money, mo' problems as we all know.  So I'll just keep living our simple and chaotic dream days, and continue to spend millions in my daydreams :)
Have a wonderful football playoff weekend everybody!!  Enjoy yourself some pigs-in-a-blanket and chips and dips and pizza galore.  Go Pats!!

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  1. We have actually talked about this quite a bit. If we won a moderate amount of money. We would pay off our mortgage, buy two new cars, take a vacation and then put the money into HSAs for the kids. Which I know is not spending it in a year but that stipulation probably wouldn't actually happen. Anyway, I hope you have a fun weekend!!

  2. What a great list! I want to play along:
    1. A house that with a finished basement and a suite for my mom. Especially since she has taken us into her home. (In our area, $200,000 - $300,000 will get you an amazing house)
    2. A new van, an extra car for my husband, and a teen car for my kids to eventually share.
    3. Generous donations for our Catholic school and church.
    4. Several small vacations for our family and then a big trip to Rome.
    5. Summer art camp for our daughters and soccer camp for our son.
    6. Family membership to the YMCA
    7. Several thousand dollars could even go to a family shopping trip to update our wardrobes.
    That was fun to dream!!!

  3. If we had a million dollars that we HAD to spend in one year, I would travel as much as possible and as far away as possible for as long as possible during that year. (Of course with my husband's job and the kids school I'm not sure how much we could get much in. Although maybe Dan could take the entire summer off?!) And I would eat all the food, and do all the things that those places had to offer.

  4. It’s amazing how fast that money would go in a big family!

  5. If I had a million, I wouldn't want a new house. (I don't want to face all the stuff we own!) Our house is nice and suits us. However, I would
    1) Put aside $50000 for renovations (like tuckpointing the basement!) to pay other people to do. My poor husband does so much around the house it would be nice to watch other people some some of the hard stuff.
    2) $50,000 for my husband to buy a home up a lake to strip down and rehab. His dream!
    3) $100,000 for the Catholic school my kids attend for scholarships and things.
    4) $100,000 for the parishes in our town.
    5) $100,000 for donations to causes like Reese's rainbow, GiGi's Playhouse and the public library. And give to people I read about on the Catholic network who need a helping hand now and then.
    6) Some good used cars for my husband, one for thet eens at home, my older daughters who are out of the house. $100,000.
    7) Am I done yet? Argh. Not yet.
    8) Vacation for all my family and siblings in an semi exotic location. Passports for the kids. Stay in an actual hotel instead of sleeping on relatives floor. $100,000
    I've run out of ideas. Someone else would have to help me spend it!


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