Monday, January 22, 2018

Send Haley to the Convent!

I've written about our "goddaughter" Haley before, but I am so excited to share that she was just formally accepted to join the Franciscan Sisters TOR out in Toronto, Ohio!!  I've started a GoFundMe page for her so we can help her get there!  Please prayerfully consider a donation to her vocation.  Thanks!!

Haley, the beautiful young lady you see in the picture, needs help in getting to the convent!  Haley was just recently accepted to join the Franciscan Sisters T.O.R. of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother located in Toronto, Ohio.  

Haley has been in the discernment process throughout her college years at Franciscan University and is currently in graduate school at Providence College while teaching 3rd Grade at St. Francis Xavier School in Acushnet, MA (here she is with her class on All Saints Day)

She is so excited to start this new journey in August!


Before she can enter, she has a list of items that she needs to purchase...things like black shoes, sweaters, socks, etc.  the list is long and very detailed.  Haley will be giving away her material goods before entering, and as a Catholic school teacher in graduate school, she does not have the funds to purchase everything on her list.  She estimated needing about $2000 for everything on the list.  I am adding an extra $1000 to that goal because she will need transportation (plane tickets) to go out to Ohio and back when the time allows.  

Haley has always been like a daughter to us, as my husband was her high school theology teacher and Confirmation sponsor, she became the babysitter of our children and finally, the godmother to our seventh baby.  We truly consider her family.  

If we had the means, we would just buy her everything on her list because we support her vocation fully even though we will miss having her around so much!  Please help send this amazing woman to the convent and fulfill the vocation God is calling her to.  You will always have a thankful sister praying for you in return :)

You can donate right here and please share through your social media accounts if you feel so inclined.  Thank you!!!


  1. Wow! Good for Haley!!! You should ask her to do a guest post on her discernment process, I would love to read about it.

  2. How awesome for Hayley! And I too would love to read about her discernment process.


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