Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Easter Prep

What a busy week!  We had the last of the basketball games in the house and are now the proud parents of two Round Robin champions:

Andrew's 7th & 8th Grade Team

Eamon's 4th-6th Grade Team

We are also having a magical week, as we have been visited by a fairy of the tooth variety and I heard a bunny is coming to bring candy and books and toys on Sunday.  Say what?!?!  But seriously, our first four kids didn't even believe in Santa, and somehow the younger ones are buying into EvErYtHiNg.  I think the older kids are reliving their missed childhood or something.

He says "Susie Sells Seashells" the best!

We are hosting Easter this year for my side of the family (Phil's family lives 8 hours away), and though two of my siblings are visiting their inlaws, we will still have 26 peeps over.  Everybody brings food, so it's easy!  I just need to think about my dishes (meatballs, rice krispie eggs, veggie platter) and cleaning the casa, which is the perfect Good Friday event.  We will be clearing away cobwebs, shining surfaces, magic-erasing walls, and decluttering from 12-3 pm because if Jesus can die for us, then we can die a little death to ourselves. 

I'm pretty sure we are all set for Easter morning.  Oh wait!  I still need to pick up some Pringles for the Easter Basket...why do I always forget the Pringles? (there's no liturgical connection there, my kids just love chips and love having individual cans even more.  Plus they want to use the cans to stack dice.)  

But the best way to really prep for Easter is by attending the services at church.  Tonight we have Tenebrae, which I didn't know existed until we switched to this parish.  My kids love it because it gets dark and then they are allowed to make a lot of noise!  I take the oldest 6 kids to that.  Tomorrow, Phil will take them to the Last Supper Mass, followed by visiting seven churches, and on Friday we all go to the 3:00 service, but there is also Stations of the Cross at 7 pm.  Lots to choose from and many ways to enter in.  It will be nice to attend everything as a family once there are no baby bedtimes to deal with...but I'm sure I'll be missing that "problem" when it happens.  Mothers are a fickle bunch ;)

When the kitchen is taking too long with your order.

May God Bless your Holy Week and I'll see ya when He's Risen! 


(we can almost say it!)

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  1. Tenebrae is my favorite! Ours is on Friday though. Have blessed Triduum!


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