Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter Wrap Rap

Our Good Friday breakfast tradition,
An egg in sweet  bread...what was missin'?
Oh yes, any meat from the kitchen.

Little boys have to play,

And read books all day, 

As screen time was out of the question.

Holy Saturday came around, 
And had Declan on the ground,
Inspecting mom's pink toenails he found.

The Easter Bunny came early for me,
As we removed these old couches with glee,

And replaced them with these Boys-Laz-Z.

The doorbell rang at night,
And gave the dog a good fright,
But what a beautiful sight!

Homemade sweet breads and chocolates too,
From Brendan's babysitters (vavo and vavu),
Their generosity made me cry a happy boohoo.

We arose on Easter Sunday fast,
And got ready for 8am Mass,
With our six lads and one lass.

Family photos were taken and discarded,
Getting a good one of all nine of us is hard-ed,
And the kids acted like they were being martyred.

Here comes the Easter basket, family style!
Books and candy and water bottles for miles,
Makes all the kids give resurrection smiles.

I was proud of our Easter dessert,
Rice krispy eggs - no bunnies were hurt,

But the veggie basket had to get eaten first. 
(we're the worst)

Lots of food and all of it yummy,
Lots of family and all of them funny,
Such a great day and the weather was sunny.

And that's an Easter wrap,
Hope you enjoyed my rap,
Don't worry, I'll be back.


  1. Your rap cracks me up! It looks like a wonderful Easter was had!

  2. I love that your family Easter basket is a laundry basket! How appropriate!! :)


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