Monday, March 12, 2018

Sunny Sunday Sights and Silly Sayings

What a wonderfully sunny Sunday we had!  It was chilly, but we had no basketball games or work, so we got in some good quality family time with a side of Vitamin D.  I just wanted to remember these days before the next Nor'easter/Blizzard/Winter Storm from Hades hits us tonight.

Maggie got in trouble for her tendency to fight back when we ask her to do something...
Maggie: Sorry, Mom, I just went to Confession and now I ruined it because of my anger problems.
Me: Maggie, you don't have anger problems, you just have to learn to control your temper.
Maggie:  Well I wish I wasn't Irish so I didn't have such a quick temper!

Dad: Alexander, come here and get your shoes on.
Xander: I wish I was Rapunzel and you would have to come to me.

Declan: We are doing the Letter P in school!  P-P-P-Penguin!
Me: That's right!
Declan: P-P-P-Airplane!
Me: Close! Plane starts with a P.
Declan: No, my teacher said AIRplane starts with a P.

The boys have been asking Alexa to fart, and then the little ones do it, and so I reminded everyone at dinner that we don't say "fart"...
Xander: So we can never say the F word??!!

Maggie, riding her new (to us) womens bike for the first time...
"I just feel like such a woman!"

Upon hearing Lent was halfway over...
Xander: I just want to say the A word sooooo bad! (Alleluia)

I was reminiscing about being pregnant with Brendan...
Me: Declan, remember when Brendan was in my belly?
Declan: Wait...did you swallow Brendan with your mouth?

Xander spilled some of the water he was drinking:
Xander: Sorry, I have drinking issues.  I don't know why I said that.  I meant that I have a drinking problem.

In big news...Xander, at the ripe old age of 6.5, has gotten over his fear of bike riding and is "a superhero bike rider" now :)


  1. Hahaha! Post these silly sayings more often. Made my day! :)

  2. All excellent quotes but Xander's 'drinking problem' wins the LOL Award!

    1. We were all like "Whaaaaaattt?!?!"


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