Friday, April 27, 2018

7QT: Going Out, Shopping Online, and Big Kid Problems

It's Friday and we're going out tonight!!  Isn't that the best feeling?  I hope you all can get in a date night this weekend too!


We're going to our children's school gala tonight.  It's one of my favorite events of the year!  Lots of friends and bidding on cool items and a live auction that is fun to watch.  

I'm a member of our School Events Committee, so we have been working on this gala for months and months (I only do a small amount compared to the other moms who do so.much.more) so it's always nice to see it come to fruition.  Plus, food and drinks and music.  Whee!


I signed up for Ebates a little while ago, and guys, I've already made about $100.  Just from getting the bonus when you sign on and then shopping online like normal.  It's crazy!  They just keep sending me checks and I"m not hating it.  You should join too :)


JP had his 15 year old physical yesterday and is 5' 9" tall and 137 pounds.  GOALS!  Jkjkjk.  He wants to be a lot heavier than that and from the way he eats, he should be, but I guess we all have our own cross to bear ;)  This was the first physical where they asked me to stay in the waiting room, and then the pediatrician came to get me at the end to see if I had any questions or concerns.  Apparently JP had to fill out a confidential questionnaire, place it in an envelope marked Confidential, and then hand it back to the doctor.  He said it asked about drug use and sexual activity.  Listen, I totally get why doctors need to know the answers to these questions, but I don't know why parents can't know the answers too, especially when the child is younger than 18.  We are lucky that JP talks openly to us and believe we are getting the truth from him, but golly, if he were using drugs or had a girlfriend or felt depressed, I would want to know!  Big kids, big problems.  And all the older moms say AMEN.
 (P.S. I don't hate doctors and I don't want any doctor-slamming in the comments, we have lots of doctors in my immediate family and they are amazing!)


Today I will be taking out the Administrative Professionals from work to lunch as a thank you for all the hard work they do! 

 It's a Business Manager perk that I get to be the one to take them out.  Hey, someone's gotta do it :)  I'm looking forward to some blackened salmon over a salad - yum!


Speaking of salads, I am still doing Weight Watchers at Work, and there are some people in the group really killing it!  They have lost over 20 pounds already!  As for me, I lost some, then Easter came, then Spring break, and my willpower went out the door as the sweets walked in.  But this week, I have been back on track and feeling much better (babying myself) and I'm aiming for 7 more pounds before the group is over at the end of May.  I'm not sure if it will happen but it would be a nice way to start swimsuit season!


When my purse was stolen (gosh will she ever stop talking about this?) one of the things I was the saddest over was the gift card to LOFT that Phil had given me for Christmas.  I had been saving it to buy some new Spring/Summer clothes and now it was all gone..whimper.  But Phil called Loft and explained what happened, and they were able to look up his order and use the amount on the card to buy and send a new gift card to me!  Yay!  I'm perusing the items I would like to try on (I'm addicted to navy!):

Riviera Shorts (in mom length!)

When I wanted to buy a romper a few years ago, y'all talked me out of it, but look how cute these rompers are!!! I can haz one now?


Don't forget to EASILY enter the book giveaway from yesterday.  It just requires leaving a comment!

That's all for now.  Go see Kelly (who has exciting news!) and the better writers for more quick takes on this lovely Friday :)


  1. It's cute Colleen but so impractical! You have to strip down to pee!!!! DON'T DO IT!!!

    Okay. I've gotten that out of my system.

    Peter is just like JP. He can eat mass amounts of anything he wants and doesn't gain an ounce. We are trying to warn him that it won't last forever but he's a growing boy and I guess he's enjoying it while he can!

  2. I have always wanted to pull off the romper but my body’s like “ummm.. no!” 😂

  3. Our pediatrician asked me to leave the room for my son's physical when he turned 13 (he is JP's age) and I said that I would like to stay and I did.To me, it is my right as a parent of a CHILD to be in the room. Its so frustrating.


  4. First off, I lost my wallet yesterday so I feel you there! And I love Loft - navy is the best.
    The teenager/doctor thing is hard! I admire that your son has such an open relationship with his parents. I didn't have that in high school with mine. So I think of it as a backup effort from the doctor, making sure that the kid is ok.
    If they're a minor, should there be the same strict doctor-patient confidentiality? I don't know!

  5. Oooh, that floral romper is so cute! I have tried a million rompers over the past few years and always have the same problem. My torso is too long, but if I size up to get the length,, it swallows me everywhere else. I finally had to just say that maybe rompers aren't for me.


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