Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A Winner! and MAY I Suggest Some Mother's Day Gift Ideas?

The winner of the Three New Catholic Books Giveaway is...

Jessica Ruehle

Congrats Jessica!  Email me your address and we will get the books sent right out.  Thanks!

Since it's already May (what? how?) and Mother's Day is right around the corner, MAY (get it?) I suggest a couple of items for the special mother in your life?  Let's do this along the themes of the Five Love Languages so you can make sure you are showing her love in the way she appreciates the most...


First off, some good Catholic reading!  Made For This by Mary Haseltine, Catholic Baby Names for Girls and Boys by Kate Towne, and One Beautiful Dream by Jennifer Fulwiler.  Oh and I recently read A Severe Mercy and thought it was great!!!

Secondly, some beautiful Catholic art by my friend, Katie Sahm.  I have this piece in my home and I love it!  Some inspirational prints from Katrina Harrington.  Phil gave me this gorgeous statue (similar) when I was pregnant and it served as a source of peace and comfort.  Recently he gave me this artwork after I was drooling over it at my mother-in-law's house:

Thirdly, I am trying to patiently wait until menopause to get a Mother's Ring with all of my babies birthstones because I don't want to buy one and then need to add stones.  But this necklace or this bracelet or this ring is a nice and more inexpensive idea for however many children you have at the moment!

Finally,  Phil knows he can make me squeal with delight if he gives me a gift card to Loft with a push out the door to do some solo shopping.  If that's not your thing, maybe a cool saint-inspired shirt, some comfy undergarments, or pajamas will make your day a little cozier!  A new water bottle is always welcome too.


We have begun collecting and creating (when we can't find any) stemless wine glasses from the towns we live have lived in.  It makes me smile to choose a town to drink from and all the memories that go along with it.  It often leads to good conversations :)    A gift card to her favorite restaurant for a family breakfast (the easiest meal to take kids out for!) and just going for a family walk or bike ride will fill her cup.


We all know physical touch is how we became mothers in the first place ;)  A nice back rub or foot rub (my fave) or head rub would be a great way to end the day!  This lotion feels great for a massage and I've always wanted to get one of these contraptions (only $1.00).


Phil is totally an Acts of Service guy and I love that about him.  In fact, I'm hinting for a car cleaning as my Mother's Day gift (the kids should do it, but we all know someone needs to be in charge).  Don't make your wife do any dishes or change any diapers - give her he day off from chores!  Get her this mug!  If you can afford it, a spring housecleaning would be an awesome gift idea.


It's Mother's Day - so have the kids make cards!  I treasure my kid's cards, especially when they take the time to write something in their own words (I love Mom because she smells good.  I love it when Mom takes care of me when I'm sick.  Mom is pretty.).  A travel mug with a kid's quote, prayer or inspirational message is always a great way to start the day too.  

Since it is mostly moms who read this blog, feel free to send this ling "accidentally" to your significant other :)

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