Monday, April 2, 2018

Declan Turns Four!

My sweetheart of a boy turned FOUR today!  The kids were home from elementary school due to a professional day, so I took a vacation day to stay home with them.  It worked out well that it also happened to be Declan's birthday.  When he woke up, I asked him how he felt and he said he "felt very four".  Dandy!

I braved the snow (yes snow!) to go get them some birthday donuts.  It's so nice to have a birthday in the Easter season!

See!  Told ya!

He asked for hot dogs for lunch, and I even toasted the buns.  Toasty buns on a snowy day :)

I let him open a few presents since we were at home all day.  First up was a reading kit that was a hand me down from his cousins (it pays to be the youngest cousins on my family's side).

He opened his swim suit and rashguard and proclaimed "You know what? This would be good to wear to the pool!"

I got him these three Theology of the Body for toddlers books for Easter, then didn't think it was fair to give him three books while the other kids got only one each (big family problems) so I saved them for his birthday instead.

He had broken his yoyo and was excited to get a new one, though he's a bit too young to handle it properly, which the older kids take advantage of.

Some new pjs made him happy.  Everything makes him happy!

In preschool, they have been studying a letter each week, and I had a coupon code to make a photo book at Shutterfly, so I created an ABC book for him filled with photos of himself.  What toddler doesn't love photos of themselves?! 

The book came out really cute (if I do say so myself) and he appreciates it.  He has such a tender heart.  

Then came the Paw Patrol cake.  Mama was too tired after hosting Easter to bake another thing, so bakery cake for the win!

Cake with a side of mocha chip ice cream...mmmmm, life is good!

Time for one last gift!

A new trike!

Maybe one day it'll stop snowing and he can use it outside!  

Dear Declan,
   You may be one of many, but you are also one in a million.  You are shy and sweet and empathetic.  You always ask others what they like or how they're feeling because you are a people pleaser.  You remember my favorite color, or number, or animal and choose it as your own.  You ask Alexa to play Perfect because you know I love it so.  You never want to disappoint, to a fault at times, like when you are almost paralyzed with indecision.  You ask us permission to do everything - if you can use the bathroom, when you can start eating, which side you should take a bite from, etc.  We are trying to instill confidence in you to make a choice, any choice, and reward  you when you can.  Your teacher said you are a bit of a pushover at school when another kid wants your toy, but at home, you don't take that from anyone!  You love to tattletale, with your favorite complaint being that "Maggie is being mean AT me!"  You hate it when Dad or I have to leave, and want to be by our side at all times.  You are the best sleeper, and I was nervous to take away your pacifier, but at the age of four, you've had it far longer than the other kids...and you gave it up with ease.  You can keep your blanky for as long as you want, buddy!  (I don't care if Dad says I baby you!)  You are happy 99% of the day and your smile can melt a heart.  We don't know how we got to be your parents, but feel so blessed in God's generosity.  You were our only baby to make us wait and wait and wait, but it was worth it, because we got you at the end.  You are a true joy.
   Mom and Dad


  1. Happy Birthday to Declan!! He is just so cute! And that smile!

  2. What a little sweetheart! I am glad he had a great day!


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