Friday, May 11, 2018

7QT: Brooklyn 99, Martin 5k, and 3 Book Winner

Happy Almost Weekend!!!


The news that seriously bummed me out this morning...Brooklyn 99 is being cancelled!!  Guys, this is my favorite show on TV right now, Phil and I literally laugh out loud at every episode.  They did this opening a couple of weeks ago, perhaps the funniest opening of a show I've ever seen:

If you don't watch this show, please get a Hulu subscription and binge on every episode.  I'm really thinking that they will get picked up somewhere else, because it's just too good!!


Phil, JP, Andrew, Eamon and I ran a 5k race last Sunday in memory of my doctor's wife, and we all did pretty well!  There were about 400 participants, and Phil and I each came in 10th place by gender. 

Twins!  Isn't that cute?

Though if you can choose your own gender, then men should start running as women to win more often.  Right???  Untapped potential!  Although, then it's probably considered sexist to admit that generally, men are faster than women.  You can't win.


Oh!  I named a giveaway winner last week for three books, and the winner never responded!  So here's your last chance, Jessica Ruehle from North Dakota.  Email me your address by Thursday, May 17 or I'll pick a new winner on Friday, May 18 :)


Tonight, Maggie and I are attending a fundraiser for our goddaughter Haley to enter the convent.  It's a women's only event to support vocations with a potluck dinner and talks.  I told Haley I will be wearing black because even though I am so supportive of her vocation to the religious life, I am already mourning her absence from our family.  You can still donate here if you feel so called!


Maggie is planning out when she can enter the same convent and be Haley's roommate for life.  Ha!  While that probably will never happen, it is so great to have witnesses to religious vocations for our kids.  Phil's sister is also a Sister and our kids adore her too,  plus their old Kindergarten teacher was the sweetest nun ever.  And don't get me started on all the awesome priests they have in their lives!  We are so lucky to have friendships with these holy men and women.  Our kids see them as normal, fun-loving, joyful people and choosing a religious vocation doesn't seem so weird.  I can't recommend enough just inviting a priest or sister over to dinner - the benefits to both parties are huge.


Phil and I will be celebrating our 16th anniversary soon, so I looked up what the traditional gift is and it's...

Silver Hollowware

Ummmm, maybe just a nice dinner out using silver utensils will do.


Finally, a very Happy Mother's Day to all you superheroes this weekend!

Go see Kelly for more :)


  1. I was so disappointed when I read they were cancelling Brooklyn 99. We love that show. They are also cancelling Last Man on Earth and we love that one too! Booooooo Hoooooooo!!!!!

  2. I LOVE Brooklyn 99 too.....and it was picked up by another network!!!! I also love Last Man on Earth, it was cancelled too and so far not picked up. But, YAY for B99 :)

  3. Haha, I thought I too would tell you Brooklyn Nine-Nine was picked up by NBC, thank goodness! Because my husband and I posted that Backstreet Boys clip to our Facebook as we mourned the news of the cancelling. Real tv is awful at keeping good stuff on the air. But it's such a good show!


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