Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Spring Cleaning (Again) and Life Has Meaning (Again)

For Mother's Day, I asked the kids to clean my van as a gift to me.  Really, I should be more particular about the state of my van, but mostly the junk collects and the dust accumulates until I can't take it anymore and we do a big family clean out.  I'm just realizing if I ask for a car cleaning as my Mother's Day gift, Christmas gift and birthday gift, I'll have a clean car tri-annually (I guess that's not a word?).  

Anyway, the day after it was cleaned, I filled it up with gas and bought an air freshener to hang.  Can I just tell you that every time I get into my car, I take a deep breath and smile?  It's true.  My dad always says when his truck is clean, he feels like it runs better.  That's also true.  Just keeping this little space of mine clean and fresh is bringing me so much joy and peace.  It's like Ahhhhhhhh, I can even breathe better!  I love life again!!

Inside my home, I know that when life seems overwhelmingly overwhelming, I should start cleaning.  First because it gives me something to do.  A body in motion can't sulk as easily.  Secondly because as soon as the physical clutter is out of the way, the mental clutter clears up too.  Like having a clean car, everything in a clean house just runs better!  There is more fresh air and a circulation of joy.  

How can anyone find peace when staring at piles of laundry or dirty dishes?  They can't! I know there's that poem about babies not keeping, but I don't like it.  I understand the sentiment that we can't place more importance on things above our children, but by keeping a neat and tidy home for our family, we are showing them love and responsibility.  Believe it or not, they won't suffer from lack of snuggles while the floor gets swept.   Instead one day, they'll understand that chores need to be done for a home and family to thrive and they'll be able to help!  My kids each have a daily and weekly chore list and I think they've turned out fine (so far!).  In fact, everyone has the space to enjoy each other more.  

So give yourself the gift of calm and clean your space.  Don't be afraid to ask family to help, they created the mess too and they'll benefit from the cleanliness.  If you can, splurging on a house cleaner is a great idea to get the party started, I'd much rather spend money on that then a new pair of shoes or outfit.  Also, this book really helped me declutter a few years ago, I wrote a review on it here as well.

So the moral of the story is this:

Keep your car and house clean and you'll always appreciate the scene.  
(Plus Mama won't get mean!)


  1. Amy in oregonMay 16, 2018

    I will admit I sometimes secretly wish i could be like Mary Poppins and snap my fingers and my toss all the folded clothes in the drawers!!


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