Friday, May 18, 2018

7QT: A Pope, An Anniversary, A Tour and a Tale


Happy Birthday Pope Saint John Paul II - I love you and miss you! 

How do I always remember that it's his birthday today (besides that he's my heavenly boyfriend and I'll be sitting next to him IF I ever make it to heaven)?  Because Phil and I wanted to get married on his birthday back in 2002...


...but May 18, 2002 was a Saturday and since we were getting married on Cape Cod, the prices and availability of places were not looking good.  So we decided to get hitched the day before JP2's birthday which means...


...Yesterday was our Sweet 16th Anniversary.  Awwwww, best and easiest choice I ever made was to marry this cutie:

Which led to these cuties:


And tonight...


...we are heading to see Jenifer Fulwiler at her book tour of One Beautiful Dream in Boston tonight.  Yay!  

If you know me and how much I hate driving into the city at rush hour, then you'll know how much I love hearing Jen speak.  And speaking of hearing...


...what do you hear?  Yanny or Laurel?  I'm 100% Yanny (Actually I hear Yammy but that's not an option).  The whole thing is so strange...


...just like how the winner of the book giveaway never contacted me!  So, Pheobe Martin (no relation, I swear), you are the new winner!  Email me your address and we'll get the books headed your way!   Fun...

7) is this video of one of the priests who married us.  Fr. James McCurry was at a funeral last week with my parents, and they recorded him telling one of his favorite tales. 

Don't you just love a joyful priest?  And on that note...

...have a joyfilled weekend everybody.  Go visit Kelly for more and I'll see ya on the flip side :)


  1. I hear Laurel but the other three weirdos in my family hear Yanny. Hmmmmmm....perhaps that makes me the weirdo! Enjoy seeing Jennifer tonight!

  2. Happy anniversary! You guys are so cute!


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