Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Things I Wish I Liked But Just Don't

Do you ever feel like there's things that everybody (and their mother) like but you can't even pretend to enjoy?  It happens to me all the time.  

As a grown woman in the last year of my thirties (sob!) I feel that I should like the following...

(Raw food scares me, no matter how trendy it is)

Red Wine 
(White forever)

Coffee without Cream 
(At least I don't use sweetener?)

(Too cow-y)

(Too stringy)

(Not worth the calories for me.  Unlike cookies.  And chocolate.  And ice cream.)

(I'm a private prayer person)

 (Too much effort)

Watching Movies in Theaters 
(I'd rather wait to see it at home)

Going Out Late
 (Sleep is just so much better!)

Getting Up Early 
(Not a night owl or a morning person...guess I'm a mid morning person at best.)

A Makeup Routine
 (Although I should be more into this #wrinkles #freckles)

Getting a Manicure 
(I'll take a pedicure every day though)

(Too fancy!  Too little food!)

Back Massages 
(Haven't had one I liked and felt comfortable receiving)

Getting My Hair Did 
(Just a trim every 6 months)

Speaking in Public 
(It does NOT get easier with age or practice)

Being Pregnant 
(Shocking that I've done it 7 times!)

(Of any variety)

Bathing Suit Shopping - j/k nobody likes that!

I think I just need to accept these things and stop feeling this weird pressure to enjoy things I don't.  There's a whole long list of things I love doing, so I'll just focus on those instead.  #secretofhappiness  

What makes your list of things you feel you should like?


  1. I always feel like I should prefer wine to beer. Wine looks so much more sophisticated but beer has my heart!

  2. For me it's coffee and tea. I just can't. Tea tastes like sticks. Coffee smells good but unless it has a whole bunch of chocolate, milk and whipped cream on it tastes gross. (And if I am going to have chocolate, milk and whipped cream I may as well just have ice cream then.)

  3. For me it's yogurt and coffee. I wish I could like coffee - plain black coffee perking in the morning is one of my favorite smells ,but nothing can hide the taste. And yogurt just is gross in texture and flavor (YMMV!).

  4. Yes to tapas, crafting, concerts, and a makeup routine! Also on my list would be vacationing in big cities, decorating, and shopping.

  5. A lot of those things that you don't like = less money spent. Score for you! 😉

  6. Ha! What a fun post. I thought for sure your list would have included Contemporary Christian music. (I'm still hoping to convert you!).
    My list would include shoe shopping. Hate that.

  7. Some of your things I don't like either. Sushi, black coffee (must have cream and sugar), concerts (even when I was young), massages, asparagus, mani-pedi (both). Also, mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, lobster, sun tanning. Every female I know likes to sun tan but it bores me to tears. I'd rather be in the water. And ironically, my avatar was a pic taken at Pappadeaux's Seafood Restaurant last year. I usually just have a safe, baked fish filet or fried catfish. :)


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