Friday, July 20, 2018

7QT: New Project, Lyme Disease, and Sheenazing 2018

Linking up with Kelly and crew because it's Friday and that's what I (usually) do :)


This is our busiest July ever.  For real.  I'm looking forward to August.  Phil is running his summer camp for three weeks (currently finishing up week two),JP had a week of Quo Vadis Camp last week and is currently at Pro-Life Boot Camp, Maggie had a week of Volleyball camp, Andrew and Eamon have a golf practice and a golf match every week, and Maggie, Eamon, and Andrew have a basketball practice and at least one (but usually two) games each week for their summer league.  We have spent June and July running around like crazy people to all these events and kicking ourselves for allowing it to take over our schedule this summer.  As I'm typing this at 10:23 on Thursday night, Phil is at Eamon's basketball game.  It's unreal people.


JP and the summer job saga....

Spoiler alert: He's hardly working.

JP worked for an ice cream shop last summer as a bucket washer.  This summer, he was supposed to train to be a scooper.  Once school ended, he texted the manager a bunch of times (I saw the texts) asking when he could start training and she never answered him back.  He got fed up and decided he wanted a different job, so he applied to our grocery store.  He filled out all the paperwork, got hired just about 4 weeks ago, and then....nada.  We made him call the store to find out what was happening and they said they were waiting for his timecard to come in.  Apparently they order it and it takes up to two weeks.  He called every week to check in, but it was never there.  Again, we were all frustrated that the summer is halfway over and he hasn't worked one day.  This week, my Dad was shopping there (and he's friends with the general manager) and asked what was going on with the timecard, and the person at the service desk looked into a box of timecards, and guess who's was there!  Ding ding ding!  JP called the next day to ask when he could start working and he's scheduled to start in a week.  Phew!


Mary had her baby.  Finally.  Mary's last baby was born breech, and this baby kept flipping around, so she had asked for some serious prayers a couple of weeks ago.  I told her I would pray for her and give up chocolate as my way of fasting for an uneventful birth.  Do you know how many times I wanted to eat chocolate during those weeks?  Multiple times a day!  Isn't that always the way when you fast from something?  Even Phil was asking me everyday if Mary had the baby yet so we could dig into the ice cream cones we had in our freezer.  We've never wanted a baby to be born so bad :)  So thankful she had another cutie patootie baby boy.


We've discovered a new, weird show on BBC (on Hulu) called Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency.  It's weird (have I said that before?) and a little hard to follow, but it's so interesting!!  We are only part way through season 1, so warn me if it gets too weird, mkay?  Thanks!  I'm currently reading The Glass Castle as well, which is also a little weird in the way the author was raised, but again, so so interesting!!


I got a weird bump on my temple a couple of weeks ago, after noticing a black spot there.  Then my ear felt very sore on the outside bottom where one's ear connects to one's face.  Then my jaw started really aching and felt stiff.  That's when I called the doctor.  All my lymph nodes were swollen, and she thought I might have strep, so she tested me for that but it came back negative.  I'm being treated for Lyme Disease, after thinking it was a tick bite.  The antibiotics have made the pain and swelling go away but they make me feel so sick unless I take them with food (they suggest taking them on an empty stomach for better absorption, but I.just.can't).  I feel like everyone in the Northeast probably has been/will be treated for Lyme once in their life, and I'm glad to have made it this far.


I decided I'm going to do a project.

I'm like, really bad at doling out compliments.  I always speak the truth, and sometimes compliments and flattery don't feel "real" to me.  I'd rather have you be real with me than be fake and tell me how wonderful I look and then badmouth me to our mutual fiends, ya know?  So, I'm working on "really" complimenting people.  Because what does it hurt me to make others feel better?  Nothing!  It takes a second of time, and I usually "think" the compliment anyway, so I'm trying to realize to say it out loud, or in this project...type it out loud.  I want to use my Instastories to highlight one awesome person a day.  I try to post one photo a day on Instagram anyways, so why not shine the spotlight on somebody who is doing great things?  I think I'll hashtag it #complimentsdontcompare so we can support and appreciate one another for our differences instead of comparing our weaknesses to somebody's talents.


Bonnie is bringing back her Sheenazing Awards so head on over to nominate your favorite Catholic media sites (I'd be so touched if you voted for lil ole me).

Have a great RELAXING summer weekend everybody!!


  1. Ugh- lyme stinks. We know a good amount of people who have been treated for it. I agree about it being only a matter of time if you live in the Northeast!

  2. Oh. Is that why u don’t answer or “like back” when I leave compliments? ;)

  3. I'm so so so so grateful for your fast for me! I have no doubt it helped in getting this baby out. I'm truly grateful to both you AND Phil! Way to go, body of Christ!

  4. Your project sounds like just the ticket; I don't extend compliments nearly enough either!
    I have to say that Lyme situation is a little scary! - nancyo

  5. AnonymousJuly 23, 2018

    Keep on writing, great job!


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