Monday, July 16, 2018

Prime Day Deals from a Frugal Mom of Many

We love our Echo Dot.  My parents have the regular Echo, but I honestly don't know why it's worth spending the extra money when the Dot seems to do everything.  It's only $29.99 and this is a great family gift idea if you can hold onto it until Christmas.  My kids are constantly dancing to music on it, playing trivia games with Alexa and learning answers to their questions (Xander's current obsession is asking Alexa what everybody's names mean).  Even the baby yells at Alexa to play his current favorite song, "Baby Shark".  We really love having it.  As a side note, my fiend's mom has MS and is in a wheelchair.  She said they have two echos, one on each side their home, so that the mom can turn on/off lights, call for help, and have company for someone to talk to throughout the day.  What a great idea!

Another item we can't live without after buying it is the Fire stick.  This is a voice-controlled remote for your tv where you can just say "Play Charlie Brown" and it will pull up any Charlie Brown shows or movies available across all your platforms.  Meaning that you don't have to remember "where" a show is kept.  Is it Hulu?  Amazon?  Netflix?  Youtube?  the Fire Stick figures it out for you!!

We have a bunch of these inexpensive sheet sets, and they are so soft!  

For the upcoming school year (not yet, please!) these kids water bottles are popular at my home as well as these adult/teen/tween sized ones

These portable LED lanterns have so many great reviews, and would be perfect for that summer evening spent outside.

My kids each get a Fire HD Tablet for their 10th birthday, which allows them to play games, read books, take photos, and go online (only when we enter password).  They are always on great sale on Prime Day, like this one that's only $49.99.  I bought this last year at this time and saved it for my daughter's 10th birthday in December.  So worth it.

I'm looking at this electric tea kettle which would be a nice substitution for boiling water in a pot (and  many times forgetting about it!)

Phil and I have been using medicine balls at the gym, but it would be nice to have one at the house for busy days.  Just the free shipping on a 12 pound item is worth it!

Xander's birthday is coming up and he asked for a metal detector, so that might be going in my cart.  We will also keep our eye on a keyboard from him because we are hoping to start piano lessons soon since he's not that into sports.  I know!  It's surprising to us too :)

Have fun shopping on Prime Day!  And remember, every time before you shop online, go through Ebates first for cash back and coupons at your fingertips.  Lessons from a frugal mom of many :)

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