Sunday, July 15, 2018

Running Makes Me A Better Mom

My name is Colleen, and I’m a Mother Runner.

I have always enjoyed running since high school, which makes me a runner for about 25 years now.  Yikes!  Where has the time gone?  Oh right, into building a beautiful family, comprised of 7 kids (6 boys and 1 girl) as well as working as the Business Manager for our Catholic high school.  I’m busy, as are all mothers because life can be demanding. 
Kids are awesome but they also need a lot of our time, attention, things, and it turns out they like to eat multiple times a day.  Who knew?  When you multiply a child’s needs by seven, and subtract out the eight hours spent each day at work, there’s very little time left to get everything done. 

So amidst all the demands of life… how does a mother even have the time to run?  Well I’ll give you my answer....

(Continued over at Catholic Women Run)

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