Friday, September 28, 2018

7QT: Walmart Groceries, Sins of Others, and Halloween Costumes

Happy (rainy) Friday!!  Linking up with Kelly and the betters...


My sister told me about Walmart Grocery pickup and my life became instantly better.  If you have a Walmart near you that offers this, you must try it.  There is no extra cost or hidden fees and you're not even allowed to tip the workers.  All you have to do is order online or through the app and as long as it's over $30 (isn't it always?!) you just choose a pick up time, and tell the app when you're leaving home. Walmart will know when you pull in and they bring the groceries right out to your car.  It's amazing.  If you use the code Walmart1, you can save $10 on three shopping trips, $30 total.  


The other online shopping tool that has made my life better, in the form of extra cash, is Ebates.  You just sign up and get the app on your phone, and go through that to shop online and they send you a check in the mail every few months.  I just got 20% cash back from Macy's which is huge!


Maggie is starting to turn a corner in her recovery!!! Finally!  She actually tried to eat some pasta last night and is excited to go visit some friends tonight.  She's been reluctant to leave the house or eat anything, so this is a big breakthrough.  I keep reminding her that her pain is only temporary, thanks be to God, and it will end and her quality of life will be so much better.  But my motherly heart still breaks when she cries because of the pain :(


My oldest is a Sophomore this year, and it's kind of a challenging year in the sense that he wants to DO ALL THE THINGS SOCIAL but isn't old enough to drive yet.  We are trying to figure out where to draw the line of carting him around to do social things on top of driving him around for sports and work, and it's tough.  I don't want him to feel that he's missing out because we have a big family with tons of obligations, but we also have a big family with tons of obligations.  Ha!  Any advice from seasoned moms out there?  I feel like I wasn't very social outside of school until I could drive myself to places, but he's not happy with that solution.  


Did you read the newest letter by Archbishop Vigano?  Oh man, I wish this was just a movie because it's such good drama.  The Pope compares him to the devil!  In real life though, the whole thing is just unbelievably sad.  I've been trying not to think about it too much, but also know I should be praying and fasting for healing in the church so it's still continually on my mind.  This whole scandal is such a perfect example of how sin affects everyone.  THANKS A LOT ADAM AND EVE ;)


On a more shallow topic, I got this top by Elle on clearance and it's a very flattering fit, if you have a bit of a mummytummy like me.  


Have you guys been thinking of Halloween yet?  Strolling with the dog around my neighborhood, so many people already have decorated!  It reminded me to start looking for some easy costumes, and I found some for the little boys.  They are just hooded sweatshirts of characters they love!  Declan will be Chase from Paw Patrol, Xander will be Captain America, and Brendan will be Mickey Mouse.  Throw on some black pants and call it done.  I loved our family costume from last year, but I don't think my older kids will let me try anything like that again!  

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'm hoping the Patriots can actually remember how to play football this Sunday.  


  1. Poor Maggie. Kids tend to have an easier time than grown-ups when it comes to tonsilectomies, but that doesn't mean recovery isn't hideous. (I've had my share and the facial ones were the worst!)

    I've heard that chewing up potato chips a lot before swallowing helps (the salt is good?) and I would think that smoothies would be helpful because of the cold. (Kendra at Catholic All Year has a recipe and it's one that Maggie can make herself.)

  2. Ugh, right? What has happened to our Patriots?? And too bad your kids aren’t into big group costumes- the 7 dwarves looked cute (and affordable)!


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