Friday, October 25, 2019

7qt: Open Houses, Old Houses, Reading and Watching and Eating in Houses

Finally Friday! 

 1) For anyone in the area - please come to our high school's open house next weekend!  


I went to a funeral yesterday for a family friend, Jim Crocker.  I used to babysit for him every Friday night through high school and on college breaks, so that he could take his wife out on a weekly date.  So sweet.  He touched so many lives and was a big participator in town and all over the Cape.  Ironically, he died of a big heart, and was only 63.  Hearing his wife and daughters speak about him was a great reminder to just LOVE each other and show it.  Nobody was talking about the size of his bank account, or material possessions, or what he looked like.  They were talking about how well he loved and served everyone.  Relationships are what matter in life, and he was great at them, and we will miss him.


Because the funeral was in my gorgeous hometown, I had to drive by my old house to reminisce.  I lived here from age 6 to 21 and really wish I could raise my kids here.  My dad built this house in 1985 and it has 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths and 3300 square feet.  It fit our family of 8 perfectly and it's now worth over $750,000.  Crazy!  But also, now you see why we had to move just off Cape, who can afford house prices like that?!?


From the Kitchen:

We celebrated JP2's feast day with pirogies (just the frozen kind) and chicken sausage:

I made Meatza Pie last night, along with Cheesy Cauliflower Rice.  Both were great!  The Meatza pie was a little crumbly and messy, but it was definitely a hit.  I might try to make it more like a meatloaf instead of cooking the meat first.  The cauliflower rice was rich - and I didn't use as much cream cheese or cheddar cheese as the recipe called for, so just be aware.


Currently Reading (between Phil and I):

Reviews to Come!


Currently Watching in the Martin House:

So quirky and funny - love the characters!

Beverley's sMOTHERing always cracks us up.

I'm a little afraid that this one will get into story lines I won't like - but the first episode was really good!


I just ordered these pajamas to use as a Halloween costume for my 3 year old - if they fit, he might actually die of happiness.  The rest of the kids just need to figure out their costumes on their own - we have plenty of them in the basement!

Have a wonderful soccer playing, football watching, tv watching, book reading, people loving weekend everybody!!  Go see Kelly for more :)

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