Friday, January 24, 2020

7QT: Health Apps, ProLife Kids, Dinner Recipes, College Plans, Workout Buddies and Rosary Parties


I had my last scheduled doctor's visit this week, to the Orthopedic Surgeon because of my shoulder pain that occurs when I perform certain movements.  They took an xray and he moved my arm certain ways, and said I had impingement syndrome (or bursitis of the shoulder).  I was like:

He actually spoke quite a bit, and by the time I left, I could barely remember any of it.  I researched medical apps after that appointment, seeing if any existed to help you record and understand doctors visits, and they do!  This Health/Doctor App would have been very helpful after all the appointments I've had recently.  I'm going to start using it during my kid's appointments as well, since *someone* is not a big detail guy, and I feel I never get the full story when that *someone* brings our child to the doctor :)  Anyway, I now have a month's supply of anti-inflammatory pills to take, and physical therapy to start.  How wonderful to get old ;)


My four oldest babies are on the March for Life today!!

 I miss them so much, but I'm so proud of them for being pro-life.  Maggie waffled about going this year (her first time) and finally decided to go at the last minute after some reassurance from us.  She's with her three big brothers, best friends, two cousins, parents of friends, our pastor, and the rest of the good people from our parish.  Since we don't allow sleepovers, this is like a chance in a lifetime for her and her besties :)  Besides, I set them up with some good snack packs:

The soy sauce and salad dressing were for me, not them!


From the (newly white) kitchen, we've been having some yummy meals.  I've linked the recipes to each...and I always double a recipe to feed our crew...

Banana Muffins (except I replace 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of oats):

As you can imagine, we eat so much food each week!  I just joined Imperfect Foods to get a delivery of produce and proteins each week that promises to save me moolah.  I don't care one bit if my orange is ugly as long as it's ripe and juicy!  Waste not, want not, right?  I'll let you know how it goes.


I have been busy researching colleges for JP.  He's interested in "something medical" and thinks he wants to major in Chemistry.  He's leaning towards becoming a PA (Physician's Assistant), so I've been trying to find schools that have a 5 year PA program.  Of course, I would love if he continued his education at a Catholic school (he's been in Catholic school since he was 3!) but the reality is that he might not be able to afford it.  I found one Catholic school with a PA program out in Pennsylvania called Saint Francis University.  There's another one in Rhode Island that we'll visit in February.  We are going to visit Franciscan University and Catholic University in April and just pray for the decisions to be clear.


I added another workout class to my weekly rotation and I am looooving it.  It's at 8 am on Saturday mornings, and focused on weights and toning and stability.  It's so great to get up, work out, and be home and showered and ready to tackle the weekend.  Maggie came with me last Saturday and she loved it too!  I think she'll be my favorite workout buddy as she gets older.

But for now, my favorite workout buddy is my handsome and witty running partner:


My parish has a Rosary party once a month, where we all sit around and pray the rosary on a huge rope rosary with knots instead of beads.  Afterwards, there are desserts and time to socialize.  It brings tears to my eyes to see so many good people praying together, of all ages.  When the little ones (mine included) stumble and speed through their turn on the microphone, I have to bite my lip to keep from crying at the beauty of it all.  Geesh, I am getting so sentimental in my old age!


I think I've written enough, yes?  Go see Kelly Jen for more.

Have a wonderful pro-life, meal planning, college researching, no football watching weekend everybody!


  1. St. Vincent College in PA has a 5 year PA program. They partner with Duquesne. St. Vincent is an amazing place!

  2. Other great PA programs at Pennsylvania Catholic Colleges include DeSales University in the Lehigh Valley and Kings College in Wilkes Barre, PA.


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