Thursday, January 23, 2020

I'm the Mother Runner of the Month!

I found out last month, that somebody (who??) nominated me to be the Mother Runner of the Month over at The Mother Runners website.  I am COMPLETELY out of my league with the really awesome, really fast, really committed moms over there, but am honored nonetheless.

Mother Runner of the Month: Colleen Martin

It’s kind of impossible to not be inspired and amazed by this month’s Mother Runner of the Month, Colleen Martin.

Here’s a quick recap of Colleen: she is a mom to 7 (7!) kids (pre-k to 16), works full-time as a business manager at a Catholic high school, has been consistently running since high school, has run-dates with her husband, and writes for her own blog and a Catholic women running blog. Her nominator is in awe of how Colleen manages to stay in shape when it is hard for her with just two kids (let alone 7)! I think most of you will find Colleen’s take on exercise and health refreshing and moving.


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