Friday, January 17, 2020

7QT: Just Life Lately


I went to the ObGyn for a healthy checkup for the first time in my married life without being pregnant!  When you're having a baby every couple of years, your gynecological exams just get thrown in there, but once your baby is three, you actually need to schedule these things!  Who knew?

  Ok, I actually knew, but I was not in a rush to do it, until my general practitioner reminded me.  That's a good doc.  So in the last few months, I've gone to the dentist, oral surgeon, had my yearly physical, my first mammogram, a dermatologist checkup, the ObGyn visit, and next week I'm seeing the orthopedic doc about my shoulder pain.  Guys, if medical visits were a sport, I'd so be winning.  I'm a huge believer in preventative maintenance, mostly because my family is filled with doctors and nurses, but also because so many things are easily treatable WHEN DETECTED EARLY!  So, if you're putting off that appointment, then stop it!  Be good to yourself, even if you have to shave your legs and let your belly fat hang out in the open.


Declan was Student of the Week in Kindergarten, and I feel like I got to know him better by reading all of his responses.  Maybe I should make all of my kids do this each think you know someone until they tell you that they want to be a professional skydiver :)  

He was so excited to get to take George the Monkey home for the week.  George got to do a lot of fun things with us, like go to the playground, to Walmart, and to McDonalds.  I know, you're jealous of our crazy weekends ;)

Trying to sneak a banana during homework time!


Of course, monkey see...monkey do (pun intended) and Brendan had to carry around his own stuffie for the week.  Mickey was his right hand man.


This week we had lots going on, as usual!

5 Basketball Games
7 Basketball Practices
Orthodontist Appointment
ObGyn Appointment
I got my nails and eyebrows did
Midterms for the highschoolers


On the New Year's Resolution:

It's going sooooo well!  The nightly family rosary is such a sweet bonding time, and only takes like ten minutes, that I wonder how we ever got out of the habit.  Just busy schedules, I guess.

And the eating healthier is still going strong too!  Phil and I both use the LoseIt app (it's free) and enter in our food choices all day.  It syncs to our iphone/watch and tracks our workouts and does that math for us.  It's like a fun nerdy numbers game.  I'm still eating chocolate, and really nothing is off limits as long as I stay under my calories for the day.  I do still try to make healthy choices though - lots of lean protein, fruits and veggies.  My daily smoothie has all three!


Lindsay (a mom of eleven!) has been sharing some awesome life tips over on Instagram.  She highly recommended this book for inspiration on how to navigate life, and I quickly bought it after seeing all the glowing reviews.  I can't wait to dive into it this weekend, and then pass it along to my husband and our older boys.


I returned a few Christmas gifts at Old Navy recently and picked up two of these tops that I love!!  I'm going back for more.  They are soft, flattering, and long enough to cover the derriere so I can wear them with skinny jeans or leggings.  I wear a Medium (I am always between a Med or Large, so maybe order down if you're between sizes too)  And, of course, they're on super sale.  Me no likie full pricie.

Have a great deal finding, playoff watching, appointment making, LONG weekend everybody!
Go see Kelly for more :)

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  1. #1 - you totally reminded me that I haven't been to my GYN since my youngest was born 3 years ago! However, you can request a pap-smear at your yearly physical so I just do that. I think they also changed the recommendation to every 3 years (?) or something less frequent. This feels like TMI. Is this TMI??


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