Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter 2020: He is Risen, Even if We Are on Lockdown

I have this primal urge to get a family photo on the major holidays.  It's a mom thing, yes?  On Easter morning, Phil and I woke early to go for a (chilly! 38 degree!) run, and we thought through how and where the family picture would take place this year.  Easter pictures are always taken at church, dontchyaknow, and this was an exceptional year of Mass at home.  I wanted the kids to get dressed up-ish, not in the color-coordinated outfits I had planned before COVID-19 shut us down, but also not in their pajamas.  We knew we could use the camera's self-timer to take the photo without breaking any social distancing rules, but needed to find a place.  We live next to a gorgeous high school and found a nice backdrop that had a stone wall at just the right height where we could set up the camera.  I always tell the kids that smiling nicely is their {insert holiday} gift to me, and we had a few blinkers, but I was happy with the results.

JP took this photo of Phil and I back at home...

...and I snapped one of him as we walked back inside.

Then we watched the Mass on tv (with Fr. Mike Schmitz) and had a lovely brunch afterward.  Those are the yummiest cinnamon rolls in the bottom left corner.

The older boys wanted to make a cake, so we thought a box mix was a good place to start.  Oh man, cooking with children is one of my many weaknesses, and therefore my children are hilariously ill-equipped in the kitchen.  I'm hoping they find really great wives!

Later on, we put out the laundry Easter basket, because we fancy!

Yes, our coffee table is missing the glass.  A child broke it by accident (fell onto it with a wooden paddle in his/her hand).  This same child has also broken my camera, a window, and a bench within the last few months.  Also all by accident.  I think the proper term is "A bull in a china shop", and it's probably not who you think it is!  

Moving along, gently and carefully, so as not to break anything else...

Individual gum containers are always a big hit.

She's been asking for Converses for awhile.

Brendan loves "the sugar and stick" candy!

And I love him.  

And he loves excavators.

It's a love-construction-sugar-triangle.

I'll take what I can get.

I told you a while back that Declan had particularly loved the book, The Attic Saint, where he learned about icons, and I was delighted to find him his own personal St. Declan icon.  He had Phil hang it above his bed that day :)

Do not buy that slime kit - we used it once and threw it away.  Good thing it was on clearance at BJs.

New truck pajamas for Brendan, tiger pajamas for Declan, and dinosaur pajamas for Xander.

I try to buy gifts they need, so the big boys got Under Armour string bags with black socks for Eamon, electric razors for JP and Andrew, and matching Marian consecration bracelets for all (plus Phil).

Declan always has to hold all of his gifts, just in case there is a thief among us??

Guys.  This book about Our Lady and her beautiful heavenly outfits made me tear up!  I keep thinking of all the little girls I would love to gift this book to, it's just lovely. 

Then it was time for the Easter Egg Hunt in our tiny backyard!  The big kids stuffed and hid the eggs, and the littles hunted.  I feel like we have finally arrived as parents :)

My parents came outside to watch from a safe distance.  We have not been visiting them, so it was nice to chat/shout to each other.

We came inside and had a virtual Martin Family get together, praying especially for my sister-in-law, Kelly, who is traveling from Maryland to Cincinnati today to prepare for the birth of her baby (who has gastroschisis) in May.  Please spare a prayer, or hundred, for her and the baby.  It's scary enough to have to deliver during this time, and to face surgery and a long hospital stay is just overwhelming.

Before we knew it (seriously, the day flew by) it was dinner time!  We ordered ravioli from an Italian restaurant in Providence, and I made Italian sausages and meatballs to go with it.  We're not a ham loving family, so even though we broke Easter tradition, it was way tastier!  Besides, Phil is half Italian, so we can get away with it.

Alleluia!  He is Risen and THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING!  Oh, and the cake was pretty good too.

Honestly, the day was lovelier than I thought it could be, and for that and so much else, I am grateful.  Remember that Easter is a keep on celebrating!  Just do it!  You can't blame COVID-19 on me, but you can certainly blame the Covid 19 (like the Freshman 15) on me.


  1. Love all the pictures. Looks like you guys had a great day. Happy Easter!

  2. Hello, Colleen! I found you through "memories on clover" and I'm grateful for this. I love this post of your and you gave me a great idea with Easter photos - I still have time to organize, as orthodox Easter is in few days. I love the energy I feel coming from you. Congrats for such a beautiful family! You are a STRONG woman. Kisses from over the ocean! XO


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