Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Scenes from Week Four of the COVID-19 Lockdown

Alexander, Grade 3, has become quite the technology expert, with a daily zoom meeting and assignments online.

I moved my beloved desktop computer into the kitchen for kids to use.  How long before it breaks?

Phil hides out in our bedroom and teaches from that cramped little nook.  

Andrew completes his daily workout, and the littles want to do the same.

Any excuse to take off their shirts!

Wall sits!
Xander had to build a fort for homework...guess who had to help?

The new 6 year old informed me he can make his own lunch now.

Palm Sunday with palms from our parish.

Carnitas tacos - so good!

"R" things for homework: Rabbit, Rocks, Racecar and Rice!

A friar came over to hear Confessions in our backyard, what a crazy time we are living through!

Roast chicken on a Monday night, because there's no need for quick weeknight meals.

I was reading a book set in Ireland, and got the hankering for shortbread and tea, and Phil baked these the next morning!

Thank God for Maggie and her love of teaching the younger kids!

Brendan's preschool teacher sends the best videos each day.

Every.single.time. we put on a video, Brendan asks "Can she see me?  Can she hear me?"

His name came first today!  "Does that mean I'm the leader?" he asked me.  Sure!  I said.

"Hey guys, I'm the leader!"

Learning about money is harder than it looks for my cute Kindergartner.

Making superhero masks, because S is the letter of the week in preschool.

My masked men.

Their names are Super Declan and Super Brendan.  Obviously.

To infinity and beyond!

These two are never going to want to go back to school, we better make home a little less fun ;)
Hope you all are doing well!  Stay safe!  Stay sane!  Stay super!


  1. I've been doing more real cooking too. Since we have no where to be at any particular time I've put away the crock pot and the instant pot and my food is tasting much better. I'm even trying out some new recipes! That short bread looks yummy!

  2. I love the little boys working out with Andrew. And Maggie teaching them too. Such a weird time to bond as family unit, but what a gift for Brendan and Declan to have this time with their big siblings uninterrupted by sports and their other life activities.

  3. Thank you for taking the time to blog about yourself and your family. It is a joy to read your posts.

  4. Thank you for showing hope and love in your posts. I look forward to them. I miss my four "littles" being home, they are now college and beyond, but kind of wonder how I would have handled the at home are an inspiration. Happy Easter


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