Friday, May 8, 2020

7QT: No More Naps and Other Moments From Week 7 (?) of This Pandemic

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My littlest boy, who is three, and used to nap every weekend (but never at school) has recently decided that he is too old for naps at home now.  I have to admit that I miss his naptime so much!  I still try to get him to "just lay down" every few days, but it rarely happens that he falls asleep.  For 18 years, we have always revolved around a nap routine, and it brought a lot of structure to our day.  Not to mention a lot of peaceful afternoons, because I would make the other kids have "rest time" while the littles napped.  I am sad this phase of our life is over, but not sad enough to start over with a newborn.  Mama's too old and tired for that (unless that's what God wants!).



Hanging out together as a family and finding outdoorsy things to do have always been a priority for us, but never so much as right now!  We live in a small house, and have a small yard, and we all need to expend some energy each day.  Luckily we live near all sorts of beautiful places to visit.  On Saturday, we went to Fort Taber and walked all around.  It was a gorgeous day!



Whew, that was a lot of pictures.  Sorrynotsorry.  I don't have a photo of this next achievement, but I just want to mention that JP, my highschool Junior, is finally finished with his Cyber Security Classes at a local college.  It's been a long year, which got extended by a semester because somebody *ahem* didn't keep up with the workload.  The professor nicely let him finish late, after realizing he was taking 3 AP classes this year, participating in sports, and working a job, and now all six college classes are OVER!  

I am definitely more excited about him finishing than he is since I can now stop saying; "Did you finish your college work?" "Did you finish your college work?" "Did you finish your college work?" every day all day.  It's tough being a nagging mom who expects a lot, but somebody's gotta do it ;)  

At the end of all of this, JP has definitely decided that he hates cybersecurity and is more confident than ever about a career in medicine.  Oh well, it was a good experience/college resume builder.


What items are you finding hard to shop for?

For me, it's been:

Toilet Paper
Hand sanitizer
Chicken breasts

I finally just ordered a whole bunch of the world's best-smelling soap from Bath and Body Works, and they should last us for a while.


I made this easy and delicious Crockpot French Onion Soup, and wanted to share!


I would like to take a minute to give a shoutout to my little guys for being so joyful and getting us through these times.  I wouldn't recommend having a baby just to get you through a pandemic, but man it sure helps ;)


We've been escaping to the porch in nice weather to pretend like we can get away on a date, but they always find us.  Always :)  I think the fact that we still try to date each other after (almost) 18 years of marriage bodes well for our future.

And that's a weekly wrapup!  I hope you are all doing well and staying SANE during this time.  Looking forward to the world opening up soon.  Have a wonderful joy-filled weekend y'all!


  1. I know you don't appreciate it now but the fact that your kids remotely pose for pics is a blessing and a miracle!! Such a beautiful family....and keep escaping to that is your refuge and your strength.

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