Monday, May 11, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

Even though the plan was to let me sleep in, I am the world's lightest sleeper and heard the little kids wake up around 6:30, yell-whispering at each other to be quiet so that I could sleep.  Ha!  I got up and went on a long walk with the doggie, and then Eamon and Phil cooked a feast!

Then it was time for cards and gifts, and boy oh boy am I lucky!!

I got beautiful, sweet cards, a Yeti with the straw lid, some chocolates, an organized recipe binder, and my minivan detailed!  Since I'm not great about cleaning my car often, it was much-needed after 4 years of ownership.  I feel like I'm driving a new Honda Odyssey :)

We watched Bishop Baron's Mass on tv, then headed out for another walk.  We stopped downstairs to bring my mom her gifts and chat a bit, then drove to a lighthouse in a neighboring town.  I was able to get some great individual photos of each kid, even though it was freeeeeezing out!


We headed over to another town to get some ice cream for lunch!  Why not?  It's Mom's choice!  Then back home for some downtime before another walk.  JP and Andrew (with Phil's guidance) made the best chocolate chip cookies, and dinner was takeout Chicken Parmesan from my favorite restaurant.  It was such a delicious and fun yet relaxing day.  I didn't have to cook, clean, or yell at anyone :)  Perfect!  I'm finding that this quarantine time has really helped us grow closer as a family.  We were just so busy before, and couldn't spend as much time together.  Though sometimes we could all use a break from being on top of each other all of the time, I honestly love my kids so much and I am feeling extra blessed to be their mom.  


  1. I love the pic with everyone lined up in the kitchen!

  2. You are blessed indeed! Well done good and faithful servants. So glad you "trained" your kids to tolerate pics.... : ) Something I failed at.


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