Friday, August 14, 2020

7QT: Things Making Me Happy

Linking up with Kelly and the rest for Seven Quick Takes Friday. 

Happy Friday Y'all!  Can I say y'all if I'm born and raised in the North?  Probably not - sorry for having offended any Southerners.  Although, Southerners always seem really nice and generous, so they would probably be ok with me using y'all, right?  I'm glad that's settled y'all.  We had a pizza picnic dinner last weekend at a pretty little spot in a neighboring town, so that's where these pictures come from.  Family time and outside time makes me VERY happy!

Gammy and Grandpa


For Xander's birthday, he asked for shoe horns after witnessing his cousin and grandpa be able to put their shoes on WITHOUT HAVING TO UNTIE THEM FIRST.  My lazy little boy needed this device in his life STAT.  I have to admit, I have been using it with my sneakers that I always double knot, so lazy must run on the maternal side.




For years we have back-to-school shopped the same way.  Each kid (preschool-8th) gets a list from school with what they need.  We take those lists and make one big spreadsheet (nerd alert).  Then we go to the store(s) and buy everything, come home and sort it all out.  It's always a HUGE chore and chaotic mess.  This year, I thought "What if we take the kids out two at a time, and just complete their lists AND get some one-on-one time with them"?  Guys, it's so much better!  Instead of whisper-screaming and sweating in the aisles of Walmart, I can focus on each child and spoil them a little and it's fun for the kids.  Just a PSA that you can work smarter not harder, so don't make my mistakes.

Always Together

A Seagull's Leftovers

I've started a new fitness routine since my beloved workout classes are only being held outside in a parking lot, and mama needs air conditioning or cooler weather for that.  I kind of feel embarrassed to tell you that I am using the Sweat app from Kayla Itsines.  I ignored her popping up all over the place on Instagram for years before the pandemic made me want to be able to complete workouts at home.  My current plan for the past few weeks has been to wake up early and get a workout in three days a week before work.  They are about 30 minutes and make me sweat!  Then in the afternoon/evening I walk for about 4 miles and get enough total steps and calories burned for the day.  I'm not sure if I will be able to keep waking up early when my summer schedule ends, but for now, I am loving it! I also enter what I eat into the LoseIt app (free!) which is like a fun game and helps me stay on track.

Gammy and Grandpa and a Lighthouse

Up Close and Personal

We are planning and prepping for our end of the summer trip to New Hampshire, and we are all so excited!  I love having a fun trip always in the works to anticipate, otherwise, life can get so repetitive and routine.  Making memories happens so easily when you do things out of the ordinary.

Catch Me if You Can
Who Needs to Travel?

We made grilled chicken last night, from a recipe called The Best Chicken Marinade Recipe, and it really was!  It's always a bold claim to put "best" in a recipe title, but since it lived up to the hype, I'm excited to try her other recipes, namely, this Marry Me Chicken recipe.  I'll let you know if the chicken says yes.



This Guy below makes me happy. He's always playing with the kids, helping us out, working hard, driving kids around, leading prayer with our family, and looking cute on top of it all.  I woke up last night and felt him sleeping next to me, and was overwhelmingly grateful to have him there.  I try not to take it for granted because life is short and we just never know the future.

Tell someone you love them today and have a great weekend everybody!



  1. 1.) I have double-knotted not-running shoes (because I don't run unless chased) that I loosen to the point that I can slip them on almost without touching them.

    2.) My great-grandmother was Gammy, so I loved seeing that your mom has that name.

  2. You can say "y'all". We're generous like that here in the south.


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