Sunday, August 9, 2020

Bits and Pieces on a Summer Sunday

I shared this video over on Instagram, pouring the dirty mop water down the toilet to show how gross my floors were (darn you barefooted kids!) but also to highlight my new best friend.  My new mop.  She has been a game changer for me...I actually love to mop now.  You can find you're own friend right here on Amazon, and let me know if she blesses your mess as well.

Speaking of blessing messes, have you all seen the show "Bless This Mess"?  If you like funny sitcoms that are pretty clean, this one will be right up your alley.  The characters are so great.  Aaaaand I just found out that Season 3 got cancelled.  Urgh.  Brooklyn 99 might not be coming back either.  What will our fall lineup look like?  Is this the part of adulthood where I stop watching tv?  I'm not ready!

We have been going to our favorite beach in Rhode Island this summer, but the governor just closed the border between Rhode Island and Massachusetts (unless you have to commute to your job) and so those big wave beach days are over.  We still have the more calm beaches near our house, which are still great, and I'm not really complaining.

We recently found out that our two highschoolers (and the school where Phil and I work) will be going back with a hybrid model for the month of September.  So the kids will go based on last name; with 50% attending on 3 days one week, then 2 days the next, and the other 50% doing the opposite.  We have not yet found out what our five other school aged children are going to do yet, which will be interesting to try and sort out.  If any of my little kids are home any days, I won't be able to go into work, so looks like I might be working from home and schooling from home like we were last spring?  I really hope that isn't the case because I don't think I can handle that for too long.  We did pretty well with it last spring, knowing that summer was right around the corner, but starting this new year off the same way feels very overwhelming.

Meanwhile, Xander is putting his spy equipment to good use...

And now I'm off to buy school shoes online.  Or maybe I should be getting slippers?  Nah, I'm going to stay optimistic for a school year actually spent in school.  Just call me Pollyanna.

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