Friday, October 16, 2020

7QT: Forty, Foodie, Family

It's Friday!  Signing up with Kelly for Seven Quick Takes...


Phil turned FORTY last weekend!

I told him we were going out to dinner and then surprised him with a party at home.  He was indeed surprised...and I was happy to be done with the lies and deceit.  

I got food from a delicious barbecue restaurant near us, added a few homemade things, and we literally ate it for three dinners in a row.  If you come to our house, we will always have too much food, but hey it's better than too little!  Thanks be to God.

There is an upscale bakery where I ordered his Reese's cake from, as well as an assortment of cupcakes, and they were so tasty!  I'm not a big cake/cupcake fan, but this cake won me over.

He got some great gifts (even if they were wrapped in apple bags!) and the working boys bought him scratch tickets which he won a little moolah on.  All in all, it was a great covid birthday.  I realized that if these COVID rules go through March, everyone on the planet will have had a COVID birthday.  We will all have a lot of real celebrating to do once it (ever?) ends.

Brendan started coughing at school on Thursday, so we had to pick him up, get him tested and now we are waiting on the results.  The results take up to five days which is so annoying.  If we are going to be forced to be tested, they need to give us the results quicker.  This is the fourth time we've had to do this test for our kids, and I think we will be at the testing site weekly through this winter.  With a family this big, there's bound to be someone with a runny nose/congestion/cough/sore throat/headache/nausea/fever/diarrhea/fatigue (all potential COVID symptoms).


I made Sarah's pumpkin bread, but reduced the sugar a little, skipped the topping, and added chocolate chips.  Yum!


We also had this Sheet Pan Sausage and Veggies for dinner this week and it was loved by all.

We used Italian Chicken Sausage and added cauliflower for the low-carb eaters.  The seasonings and parmesan made it really tasty and I can see us eating this twice a month forever - healthy and easy!


Rebecca from drew our family portrait and it came out so good!  I started following Rebecca on Instagram when she had her triplets and was happy to support her family when she began offering commissions.  What do you think??


Maggie and I been living in these Walmart sweatpants lately while stuck in the house, and I got these cute boots that I'm excited to wear when I break out of quarantine :)


We're hoping for a football game for the Patriots, a negative test for Brendan, and some good weather this weekend.  What are you wishing for?


  1. Wow, Phil's bday dinner and that pumpkin bread look amazing! Happy belated to him. That family portrait is very cool - great way to memorialize a season of life!! I have been living in Walmart sweatshirts, will have to check out the sweatpants.

    I hear you, we've got to figure out this COVID testing! That's why I'm breaking party lines (first time ever!) and voting Democrat this year, aka for a fellow Catholic who understands the value of all human life (200k+ dead Americans ugh), and is someone that I won't cringe when my kids see rambling and spewing hate and lies on TV. Oh, and he'll figure out COVID and COVID testing, which is where I was originally going :)

    1. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you Anon...if you value all human life, how can you vote for someone who supports abortion (and even more horrific, late-term abortion and infanticide). None of the other issues matter if people aren't allowed to be born. There are very important issues to discuss and consider, but they are not all equal. I understand not liking Trump's personality, but I don't vote politics based on personality, I vote based on politics. I believe voting for a pro-choice candidate is a sin and though I know I won't change your mind, but I couldn't let a Catholic voting democratic not know this Catholic's opinion.


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