Friday, October 23, 2020

7QT: The Good Stuff

 It's easy to despair lately.  A pandemic that has been going on for seven months.  An upcoming election with two candidates who make me feel a little nervous and embarrassed for our country.  So much hatred and fighting on social media that makes me wonder what happened to social decency.  Canceled events, missed sports, increase in COVID testings, people out of work, depressed, lonely, and scared.  It's been too long and too much and I just need to link up with Kelly and keep focusing on the positives, such as...

Watching Judge ACB during her senate hearings.  She's awesome and composed and this made me laugh a little too hard:


Alexander started back up with piano lessons again, and his instructor pulled out his accordion and had Xander play a little song on the keyboard while he worked the rest of the accordion.  Xander seemed very interested in learning to play, but geesh that instrument is heavy and looks really complicated to learn!  Anyone have an old accordion laying around?


The little boys and I made some white chocolate dipped pretzels rods, which was easy, delicious and fun!  The boys were so thrilled to help me and spend time in the kitchen creating a yummy treat and an easy way to give them some extra attention.  I'm wearing the old ice cream store apron.  Ahhh, Maggie's was the best.


Andrew got his permit!  He's already taken the driving school classes, and now just needs to start his driving hours.  In six months, hopefully, he'll be a SAFE driver.  This stage of life is very exciting and nervewracking.


Tiffany from The Rosary Board Co sent us this lovely Rosary Board, isn't it great?  The "beads" can be detached and reattached, so kids can place each bead on the board as you pray the rosary, or point to the bead, or remove the bead as you pray.  No matter how they use the board, it keeps the family focused on praying the rosary and stops all of the "how many more?" questions :)


JP has his senior pictures today, which means he got a haircut!!  It's still longer than I would like, but it looks much better.  Whenever the teenager's hairstyles drive me bonkers, I just remember that their Dad bleached his hair not once, but twice, as a teenager and it puts their long hair in perspective.


I'm not sure what Halloween is going to look like, but the kids' elementary school is still having them dress as saints, so this weekend we need to plan those costumes.  I'm happy they get to dress up and get treats and learn about real-life heroes.  Declan, who is in first grade is especially enthralled with saint stories right now so we are taking advantage of filling his head with the good stuff.  All Saints Day last year:

Have a wonderful costume planning, football watching, finding the good type of weekend everybody!

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