Monday, February 1, 2021

Meals Lately and Supplements Daily

We've been cooking up some delicious meals and desserts over at Casa Martin, and since I can't post my #martinfamilymealsfornine on Instagram anymore (RIP), I thought I'd try to keep up with it here every once in a while.

My sister-in-law Diana sent us this Pannukakku recipe and a cast iron pan for Christmas, and we made it for breakfast this past weekend.  The kids loved it and next time I will definitely saute apples to add on top, as I do not like syrup.

For some reason, I get Martha Stewart's Living magazine in the mail (who sends that to me?  Is it you? Haha!) and this Lemon Meringue Cake recipe looked good enough to try.  I love lemon cake!

I thought the cake was a little dry (next time I may add some lemon juice) but the meringue frosting was a huge hit since my kids have never seen or tried it before.  They kept saying it tasted like roasted marshmallows.

We were watching America's Test kitchen and saw this simple recipe for a lightened version of fettucine alfredo, Cacio e Pepe.  It was good but the choice of tubular pasta was time we will just use fettucine.  We cooked some chicken sausage and green beans to go with it.

Speaking of sausage and pasta, a VERY easy and inexpensive meal that goes over well here is Italian Sausage over pasta.  Just buy some Italian sausage, boil it for a little to get rid of some of the fat, then slice into hearty chunks and add to the crockpot with tomato sauce.  Let it cook allllll day and the sausage is so tender.  Serve over pasta with a salad and you're done!

On Friday night, the kids made these without my help - Cake in a mug.  They looked disgustingly sweet but they were happy.

Last but not least is my great Aunt Annie's Fried Chicken.  We called her I.E. because that's how my oldest brother pronounced Annie when he was a tot.  I.E. lived with us while we were growing up and this was one of the famous meals she would cook.

I had never made it before, but on Saturday we tried our best to imitate her simple (and sinful) recipe.  We boiled two whole chickens for about 90 minutes and then pulled them apart into pieces.  Then we dipped the pieces in a flour/salt/pepper mixture and cooked in the cast iron pan with butter and olive oil (mostly butter).  It took me about four batches to cook all the chicken, and we kept the finished pieces warm in the oven until it was all done.  This would have been MUCH easier if we had a deep fryer but we don't fry nearly enough to make that worth it.  The taste certainly brought me back to childhood, and my kids couldn't get enough!

Now for a little healthier consumption.

I love seeing what other people do to stay healthy and boost their immunity, so I'm sharing mine.  Let me know what I should add!

Daily Supplements:

Multivitamins + Vitamin D + Probiotic + Magnesium + Elderberry/Apple Cider Vinegar + Hair Vitamins + Iron (only when I don't eat red meat that day)

Daily Drinks:

Emergen-C (in a big mug of hot water in the afternoon)

Marine Collagens (in my morning coffee)

Metamucil (in a cup of cold water to help with cholesterol levels, per my doctor's order)

Whew and that turned into a longer post than I had intended, thanks for reading!  Head to Rosie's to read more :)


  1. Love these recipe ideas, especially the pannukakku -- looks fun! Please keep the hashtag alive on the blog for us non-social media mamas :)

  2. We’ve been doing vitamin C, zinc and elderberry syrup - the liquid stuff. I have one kid who is a hold out on the liquid but otherwise everyone takes it. I had a head cold last week and read ACV could help with drainage... I did a few shots of that. Don’t know if it helped but man that stuff is STRONG

    1. So Strong! I can only do the gummies :)

  3. I have never understood the appeal of bucatini, I know it's supposed to "catch" the sauce better but I've never liked it any better than more traditional pasta types!

    1. That was my first time eating it, and no likey!

  4. Your meals all look delicious! (Coming from Rosie's blog linkup)


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