Friday, February 5, 2021

7QT: Shingles Update, Chaffles Recipe, School Scenario and Give Me More Blogs to Read!

 Happy First Friday in February!


In case you are wondering, yes I'm still suffering the effects of shingles at the 4-week mark.  I'm trying to stay hopeful that the itchiness and burning and pain will be gone by 6 weeks.  Otherwise, it's possible that I have PHN and will have neurological issues lasting months/years.  Please pray it goes away, I can't take much more suffering!  The sad thing is that I offered up my suffering when I was first diagnosed for a mom and baby who need some medical miracles, and now I'm like "Just kidding God, can you use my suffering for someone who doesn't need it very much?"  Boy, this road to (hopeful) sainthood is humbling.  In my story, nobody will say how I suffered heroically.  But I'm praying the (complaint-filled) suffering alone gets me some points.


Upon reading horror stories of shingles (one lady who had it in the same area as me scratched her scalp so much that she created a hole in her skull!) I learned that eating a low-inflammation diet might help.  While I'm not going Whole 30 yet, I immediately tried to remove a lot of grains and sugar from my diet.  I bought this little waffle maker to make chaffles (one egg + 1/2 cup shredded cheese = 2 chaffles) and I am in love.  I add a little garlic powder to make cheesy garlic bread and I promise you, I don't miss bread...yet.  Here was my lunch today - an egg salad chaffle:


I was watching Eat Pray Love because I tend to reluctantly watch a movie ten years after its release.  I'm just not a movie person.  Anyway, it was meh, but the one good takeaway for me was when Julia Roberts character is talking to her friend who doesn't want to eat the pizza because she's gained ten pounds recently.  She says:

After not being able to exercise for the last month, and feeling pretty miserable about it, I needed to hear this message, and maybe you do too!  Also, the quote should say husband because that's the only man you should be undressing for :)


I found this image and sent it to JP because this is totally something I will do next year when he goes to college.  


Current school situation:

My highschoolers are still on their hybrid schedule (every other day in-person) but the younger five kids are all learning remotely this week after their school spiked in Covid cases.  So of course, that means good old Mom has to work from home and help them with school while good old Dad gets to go to work.  This is absolutely my least favorite school/work scenario.  And I think it's really unfair to working moms.  Whatever, we are getting through, and next week they will be home again and then we have February break for a week.  I gotta keep my eye on that prize.  In reality, I will probably just work all week while Phil is home with them.  But that still sounds like a little vacation :)


My friend Michelle recommended this book, and I was able to get it electronically from the library and I'm hoping it gets me in the mood for Valentine's Day romance because romance goes right out the window when you're sick for weeks.  Sorry bae. 


I've added a few blogs to my list over there ----> 
but let me know who else posts regularly so I can add them too!

Have a great Superbowl watching weekend everyone (do I root FOR Tom Brady or AGAINST him?  Patriots fan dilemma extraordinaire).  I hope you all stay healthy and cozy and loved.  Go see Kelly for more :)


  1. This isn't a suggestion of a new blog but for The big white farmhouse your list says it was updated 2 months ago and that's not right, I think she changed something around (design/host/other) around that time and it "disconnected" from you list

  2. I hear you on the working mom thing. In the spring when we were home my husband worked five days a week (including Saturdays) and I ‘got to go to the office’ one of the week days. Do you think school works got done the same way? Nope. I’m not complaining but it is interesting because we both have really flexible jobs but it is curious that working moms still seem to bear the brunt of the at home schooling. Our kids have been back at Catholic school since August (praise!) and preschool has been open (praise!) so we’ve had a normalish schedule except for a few covid quarantines.

    I have FB the boot a week or two ago so I’m trying to be better about posting on the Ye Ole Blog -

    1. Solidarity! And yay for more bloggging :)

  3. I am so sad you're still dealing with Shingles. My rosary group is going to pray for you!! Probably because of everything you aren't using your Chirp Wheel, but sometime when you're well I would love to hear more about them and if they're worth it!!

    1. Oooh yes, I need to use it more and then I'll review it. So far it hurts!

  4. I think this blog is so cute:
    As for shingles, you can choose to be grateful to God because there are worse diseases... At least yours is temporary,so I'd be grateful.

  5. You should check out She posts regularly (like 3 times a week). She has 6 kids and the girls do Irish dancing. Maybe "do" isn't the right word - compete? Anyway, Ernie is a hoot. She doesn't take herself seriously. She babysits kids inside her home and her own kids are hilarious so there's always something going on. Her archives could keep you buys for weeks!


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