Friday, April 23, 2021

7QT: Bye-Bye Tooth Pain and Hello New Hampshire!

 Happy Friday! Time flies when you're having fun, and this week has been fun!  Linking up with Kelly and friends.


Last Friday I was having such tooth/mouth pain and after having been to the dentist without a diagnosis, I was pretty discouraged and Phil called the dentist for me (I didn't want to be a whiny baby) and told them how much pain I was in and they scheduled an appointment with the endodontist for that afternoon.  The endodontist couldn't see anything from the recent X-rays either, but performed a nerve test with a cold instrument, and found the tooth that needed a root canal.  he said "Yup, you need a root canal, so we're going to numb you up and get started."  I was like "WAIT.  WHAT?  RIGHT NOW?"  He looked at me and said "Do you want to be in pain all weekend or do you want to get this taken care of?" and I was all "Ok, proceed."  It all happened so fast that it was good for me in the end because I didn't have time to get nervous.  Pain gone.


On Monday, we headed up to Lake Winnipesauke in New Hampshire for a couple of nights, and it was a lot of good old fashioned family fun.  We found a diner that had Kids Eat Free on Mondays and walked in behind a family of eleven kids!!  The poor restaurant probably lost money on all of us in there at one time :)

They gave the kids cute hats and we spent our time writing riddles back and forth while waiting for food.  This was one of Eamon's - the kids were just very silly and hungry at this point!


The weather was nice and we walked Lucy Doodle Martin up and down a lot of hills and by the water.  So pretty!


On Tuesday, we strolled around Meredith, NH, and found a brochure that pinpointed all the sculptures around town, so we went on a Sculpture Scavenger Hunt and took a photo at each one.  It was such a nice way to get some Vitamin D and Vitamin See the town :)


We went to a cute country store, our favorite candy store, and Funspot, which is the world's largest indoor arcade.  


The biggest downside to the whole trip was that the condo below ours had a mean old lady (well I don't know if she was old, but she certainly was mean) who would bang on her ceiling with a broom handle if we were loud.  Even though we told the kids to be very quiet, it's kind of impossible to not make any noise with nine people and a dog living in a small space.  We got bang-bang-banged a lot and honestly spent most of our time outside anyway.  Here's the thing...if you're going to be the type of person who rents a condo on the first floor, and live there year-round when you know the condo above you is a timeshare unit that gets rented out all the time, you shouldn't also be the type of person who gets easily upset by the noise.  


The biggest upside to the whole trip was all of the family time we got to spend together.  My kids will pose for photos as long as a steady supply of treats keeps coming their way ;)  

Maggie said "When you write your blog post about this trip, you should use this photo last", so here you go:

I hope you all enjoy the weekend with your families and friends!  Eat up!  Diet starts Monday (doesn't it always?!?)

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  1. An unplanned root canal? That's a heck of a way to start your weekend. You definitely needed a kids-eat-free diner to get a positive spin going. I do think though that NOT knowing you were about to have a root canal is the way to do it. Well done. A couple of big families is sure to cost that place a pretty penny. Cute pics though.


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