Friday, April 9, 2021

7QT: Two Recipes, Two Shots, and Two Yetis


Happy Easter!  
I still have to edit and post all of our photos from that day, but here is our family photo AMBB: After Mass, Before Baskets.  That is the secret to getting them to smile nice for the them the baskets after :)


Eamon started working at Market Basket this past weekend!  He is now the third Martin to work there, a bit of a family legacy.  My 14 year old will happily bag your groceries with a smile, while his 16 and 18 year old brothers will check you out.  In a grocery way, not a creepy way ;)


I've been cooking a few of Half Baked Harvest's recipes lately.  Here is her Apricot Chicken, which was sort of like a twist on Chinese takeout orange chicken.  We served it with cauliflower rice for the adults and coconut rice for the kids.  I don't know if I will make it exactly the same way again, but the recipe did teach me an easy way to cook "fried chicken" in the oven.  I'll definitely use that method again!

Martin Family Meals for Nine


The kids have had Catholic Schools Week this week, so each day has been dressing up in different ways (anything besides a uniform is exciting to these kids!).  Here are my littles on Crazy Hair Day with spiky hair and a mohawk.  They are coloring rainbows with their new marker set and twistables set they got for Easter.


Oooh, this recipe was really good!  Roasted spicy cauliflower with burrata and lemons.  Perfect for a meatless Friday, Keto diet, or a new side dish to serve guests.


Phil and I got our second COVID vaccine shots, and we both were slightly ill the next day.  I had chills and was tired in bed for about 8 hours, and Phil had achy legs and was tired but worked through it with some ibuprofen.  The weird thing is that I have been having mouth issues since the shot.  I don't know if it's related, but I have a cold sore, a sore spot on the roof of my mouth, and sensitive teeth and toothaches.  I'm hoping it goes away soon because it's making it painful to eat and eating is my favorite.


Can I show you my favorite Easter basket gifts?  I got a new double-tiered fruit basket and a Yeti coffee mug.  Now my fruit is visible so we won't find a rotting apple on the bottom anymore, and I can drink coffee like Kevin James in The Crew:


Product placement works!  Actually, it worked so well that Phil and I both bought each other a Yeti mug for Easter without knowing!  Ha!  Great minds think alike, or we've been married for so long that we share a brain?

Have a wonderful, sunny, treat-filled weekend everybody!  Easter lasts for fifty days, so partay!!


  1. Your Easter outfit looks so pretty! I like the shirt with the heels....

  2. Lee got me a Yeti mug for V day or maybe St Nicholas day... it is great but I just can’t find the lid!

  3. You got your COVID vaccine for Easter and we got actual COVID!! I’d say your side effects sound about 1000 times better than the real thing. It has definitely come close to convincing me to get the shots next year! It has been awful!!! But happy Easter!!

    1. Oh no! So sorry Ana, hope you guys are healing fast!


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