Monday, April 5, 2021

Number Six Turns Seven

My sweet toothless Declan turned seven on Good Friday.  He was totally fine with postponing his birthday party one day so we could celebrate properly on Holy Saturday.  The menu for the day was quite eclectic for a newly minted seven-year old who loves to eat (but where does he put it??):

Breakfast was donuts, of course.

Brunch was crepes with strawberries and nutella and whipped cream and Irish bangers.

Dinner was a taco bar with beef and chicken, hard and soft shells, and plenty of chips and toppings.

Dessert was a chocolate peppermint cake with ice cream. 

So that covers the food, how about some gifts?  Declan made his birthday list about a month ago and it's been hanging on our fridge, so there were no excuses not to get the kid what he wanted!

Whoopie cushions are a huge hit in a testosterhome!

And then....toilet paper????

No!  It's a clue for a scavenger hunt to his last present!  Declan specifically mentioned how cool it was on Christmas when Andrew's gift was in the basement (punching bag) and he got notes to find it.  maggie made him a scavenger hunt, and he declared it THE BEST GIFT EVER! 

Declan loved his repeating robot, and Grandpa was very funny when it was his turn to talk into it...

Gammy read him a few chapters of Charlotte's Web, which she gave to him because she thinks Declan reminds her of Wilbur.


Talking Robot

Light Up Sneakers

Pokemon Handbook

Dog Activity Book

Clothes: cargo joggerstan twill joggers, Explore Outside shirt, ultra soft long sleeve shirt, basketball shirt

Whoopie Cushion

Charlotte's Web

Oh Declan Kolbe, you are a joy and delight and like you've been telling anyone who will listen, you are now the Age of Reason.  You were so happy to get birthday cards from all of your siblings and shyly basked in the compliments we gave you at dinner.  I hope you never lose your quiet humble way.  When you are asked what you want to be when you grow up, you proudly declare "A Saint!" and your bedtime prayers are so pure that I think Heaven will have competing St. Declan's one day.  We love you so much, and even though you were the only late baby, you were worth the wait.  I mean, look at how cute you were!?!?! 

 Happy Age of Reason, Declan Kolbe Martin!


  1. Oh such a cutie! I really can't believe one of your little kids is already seven!

  2. What a sweet heart!! Happy birthday Declan!

  3. Happy birthday sweet Declan! May the Lord bless you and keep you always!

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