Monday, May 24, 2021

Prom Pics and a Tale of Two Cousins

On the evening of our Rehearsal Dinner, on the day before Phil and I were married, my sister Holly and her husband Adam asked us to be godparents to the baby growing in her belly.

Four months later, Bridget was born, and we went to meet our goddaughter at the hospital while keeping a little secret of our own ;)

Five months later, JP was born and he and Bridget were inseparable.  

Bridget, don't eat your cousin.

I used to babysit Bridget while my sister worked and I would joke that the two of them would be prom dates one day.

JP and Bridget went to the same preschool and elementary school, separated for a while in middle school, and then were reunited in high school.  

They asked to carpool to their Junior Homecoming Dance together:

So of course, when it was their Prom day, I just had to get some photos of them together...

Even though they are graduating high school this week, they have both decided to go to the same college in Ohio, and this mama's heart feels so content to know that they will have each other so far from home.  

Colleen, you are so sappy.

I know, it's a mom's prerogative.

So how about some more prom pics?  The seniors were only allowed to attend prom - no outside dates - so there were a lot of kids who went with friends, including JP.  There was also no slow dancing (because COVID) and they had to wear masks (because it was an "event" even though it was outside and the mask rules are all going away soon).  Even though COVID has made this year so hard, they were all happy to get a prom at all, and I was happy that JP was home in his own bed on prom night :)

Coming up this week we have Senior Awards Night, Baccalaureate Mass, and Graduation which will give me a lot of good blog content :)  Hang onto your graduation caps, my friends!


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