Friday, May 28, 2021

7QT: Actual Really Really Quick Takes

Happy Last Friday in May - boy, that month flew by! 


Tonight is our first high school graduation!  #dontblink 


The weather has been so beautiful and we have a nice screened-in porch that Lucy loves lounging on all day long. 

She has a good view of the neighbor's house with two dogs and the driveway to see all of us coming and going.  She, like her owner, is a nosy girl. #likemotherlikedog


It's supposed to be a cold and rainy Memorial Day weekend here, which is a bummer when you live by the coast, but it means I have no excuse not to do my least favorite chore this weekend - cleaning out the kids clothes and switching sizes.  Is that not the worst chore?  I would seriously pay someone money to come do it, but I also don't trust anybody else to do it right, so I just need to power through.  #justcallmesaintcolleen


Maggie Rose took this photo of a rose we had that grew so large and gorgeous. #biggerisbetter


Has anyone seen the Friends Reunion yet?  We don't have HBO but I gotta figure out a way to watch it.  That show was such a big part of my life in high school and college (though I'm pretty sure my mom didn't want me watching it). #ihopemykidsarebetterthanme


Proof that I have been getting back to running again!  When the pandemic started, I injured my hip and stopped running, then I got really into boot camp type workouts and then I got shingles and didn't work out for a long time.  When I started working out again, I realized that my hip wasn't hurting anymore - turns out rest actually does help!  So I have started running again, just two days a week, and only 4-5 miles at a time.  I feel so out of running shape and can't imagine ever having run half-marathons.  #isthiswhatgettingoldfeelslike


Tomorrow is a big day in MASKachusetts!  Vaccinated people can (mostly) stop wearing masks:

So you know I'll be grocery shopping #likeaboss:

Have a wonderful mask-free spring cleaning long weekend everybody!!  


  1. AnonymousMay 28, 2021

    Congrats to John Paul!! So exciting. Have a wonderful celebration weekend!

    I've been taking barre and yesterday was our first class with no masks. The instructor said it was nice to see all of our grimaces, scowls, and panting again ;)

    1. Oh I can't wait for no masks at the gym! Maybe all the mask-training made us even better athletes?

  2. Congrats to John-Paul. So exciting. I concur with the changing of the closets nightmare. In younger boys' room, I ended up with an extra dresser. Clothes Tank outgrew went in the dresser until Reggie was ready for them . . . guess how often the clothes in the dresser were forgotten? This because I eventually moved to the idea that the kids could switch their clothes out on their own, from bins or the dresser or the other side of the closet, etc. Epic fail. The girls' room is a disaster ALWAYS. Proof that they still need me. I have recently gone back to running. I ran from like 2010 till about 2017 or somewhere in there. I stopped because my sciatica was killing me. I workout daily, but now I run two or three times a week, 4.4 miles. It ain't pretty. Coach is a physical therapist and he forbids me from running two days in a row. I like running because I'm done faster, but I also hate it. I do always feel GREAT when it's done. You look fabulous. Good luck with the closets.

  3. Colleen MartinJune 01, 2021

    You get me, you really get me! That’s interesting to hear that your husband says not to run two days in a row… I’m assuming that’s because of the wear and tear on your joints etc.? Running is just the fastest calorie burner and best mood booster for me, but I’m fine with only running 2 to 3 days a week along with other workouts. Thanks for stopping by!


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