Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Celebrating the End of High School

Sorry, not sorry for all of the photos.  I'm sure by the time the last child of mine graduates, I'll be lucky if I remember to pull out the camera, but the first kid gets the works!   To make up for all of the pictures, I won't write much...

First up, Baccalaureate Mass:

No photos of the actual Mass, but the students received a blessing and a shell at the end:

It was a beautiful night, and my parents were able to attend (but none of our kids as we only had four seats):

Fr. Dave (Maggie's godfather) is the high school chaplain once again - how lucky are we!

The next evening was Graduation, and the rain held off just long enough for it to be held outside.  Our whole family could attend this one, and it was beautiful, if cold and windy:

It's official!

Then we went home to put on some warmer comfy clothes and ordered chicken parm and fettuccine alfredo for dinner (JP loves Italian!)  I bought two cakes for dessert because you can't be a supermom and superemployee and a superbaker, mmkay?

We had already celebrated all the graduates in the family last weekend.  I had to get a big cake to fit all the names...

Three are off to college, three are off to high school, and one is off to grad school!

I tried to relax for a minute, but my littles found me :)

2021 is finally looking bright!

Next week, we have an 8th grade graduation and the week after that we have a Preschool graduation.  Oh, having a wide family is crazy and busy and emotional and fun, and I'm thankful to get to celebrate all of these big milestones!


  1. Congratulations to JP! I love looking at all the grad pictures. So many happy smiles!

  2. So fun. Love all the pics. A few questions, since I'm new here . . . does your husband teach at the high school? (since he's dressed in a gown, too). Did John-Paul graduate with a cousin? How awesome.

    1. Yes he does! He's the Theology Department Chair and I work there as the Business Manager :) JP and his cousin Bridget graduated together from preschool, Kindergarten, and now high school and they are headed to the same college!


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