Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Alexander Turns Ten

Alexander Blaise is now DOUBLE DIGITS!

Which, in this house means...your own tablet*!

*with plenty of rules and restrictions and passwords and blocked access to all the bad things

Even though it was not a surprise, he was still very excited to get it into his hands :)

For dinner, Xander chose lasagna from a local restaurant, because he loves his momma and proves it by not making her cook lasagna in the summer, and we also got some chicken, broccoli and ziti, meatballs, made a salad and baked some rolls.  Frozen rolls, let's not get carried away.  Then it was time to get the party started!

Xander got some great gifts like an IQ book (he is the resident evil genius), a joke book (he is also the family's very own Victor Borge), a fitness watch, a juggling set, candy and money and he was a happy ten year old! 

And ice cream sundaes for dessert, of course!

After dinner, our friend, Deacon Larry, brought out his guitar and irish music and we had a good old-fashioned sing-a-long that delighted our celtic roots.  It was such a fun and musical evening for our fun and musical Xander B.

We love you so very much Alexander thelefthandedpianoman Martin.  You are most certainly one of a kind, who keeps us on our toes and on our knees :)  This family would be very dull without your hilarious anctics and you have a heart of gold to go along with it.  We love you to the moon and back (and you would know exactly how far that is!)  Happy 10th!


  1. Happy 10th to Alexander. This looks like a fun celebration. Love that the big brothers were getting ready to possibly do chicken wars with the younger brothers, but it sure looks like one brother gave his little buddy (Declan? or Brendan?) a sniff test, just to be sure he deserved to be launched up there. Ha. I couldn't resist.

    One college guy just requested that I make Rock Road Fudge bars before he heads back to school. What? In the summer heat? Hard no. Wait till your fall birthday.

  2. Happy birthday to Xander! It looks like he had such a great day!


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